I’ve been a resident of the Rosemont district for several years and I absolutely love it! It’s both tranquil and lively, family-friendly and commercial. You can enjoy an intimate meal for two, brunch with friends, picnic in a park with family, go out for drinks in the evening, linger in a café, or see a movie. In short, the district offers a wide variety of outings and activities without the need to cross the entire city or drive in circles for 45 minutes to find parking… Here are some of my favourite spots on Beaubien Street East, between Papineau and St-Michel.

Le Elsdale

2381 Beaubien Street East

The boutique café, mere steps away from Parc Molson, opened its doors in September of this year. Elsdale is the first name of the gentleman who gave his surname to the neighbouring park.

Stop by Le Elsdale to: discover an absolutely charming spot that’s new to the neighbourhood; take in the tranquil ambience imparted by the decor; purchase original locally made products; enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat either before or after seeing a movie at the Beaubien movie theatre (located across the street); savour the tartlets, cookies, scones and bite-sized sweets; or enjoy a delicious brunch. By the by, the owners will soon (very soon) obtain a permit to serve alcoholic beverages. To learn more about Le Elsdale, visit their Facebook page here.

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Le Grand Lionel

3234 Beaubien Street East

If you like Chez Roger Bistro but you’re in the mood for something new, go to Le Grand Lionel. The pub is gorgeous, the terrace is pleasant, the clientele is friendly, the beer is good, the house cocktails are excellent, and you can enjoy a bite to eat served by the establishment’s outstanding personnel. What more could you ask for? How about music! The pub is host to a variety of musicians several nights a week. Piano Jazz Wednesdays are wonderful for date nights. Jazz and Oyster Thursdays are perfect for a get together with friends. All in all, Le Grand Lionel is the pub for live music lovers. To learn more about the pub, visit their Facebook page here.

Boulangerie de Froment et de Sève

2355 Beaubien Street East

Bread, bread, and more bread. Some of the best croissants in town. Succulent lemon pie. Olive and pesto stuffed phyllo pastries your guests will rave about. The cheese baguettine won’t make it home with you because you’ll have devoured them half-way home. Need I say more?!? How about… the superb terrace in the summer months, delicious sandwiches, the miniature electric train set, the cheese counter that rivals those of the Jean-Talon market, and the cookies… the cookies, the cookies, the cookies! Indeed, the selection of cookies is so vast that the owners had to expand their locale two years ago. To learn more about Boulangerie de Froment et de Sève, visit their Facebook page here.

boulangerie, croissant, de froment et de sèveSource : Boulangerie de Froment et de Sève

Régine Café

1840 Beaubien Street East

I simply cannot not mention the famous and MAG-NI-FI-CENT Régine Café! Their breakfasts, brunches and lunches, available 7 days a week, are absolutely SU-BLIME. If you’re one of the few people who haven’t been there yet…run, don’t walk, run! You will not regret it! You HAVE to try it! To learn more about Régine Café, visit their Facebook page here.

café régine, brunch, lunch, beaubienSource : Café Régine

Café L’Étincelle

1991 Beaubien Street East

This intimate neighbourhood café is perfection itself. There’s something almost magical about the place. The coffee is obviously great, but I think what makes this café particularly remarkable is the staff and the clientele. Whether you’re stopping by to grab a quick coffee or spending a leisurely afternoon, you’ll always feel welcome and at home at Café L’Étincelle. To learn more, visit their Facebook page here.

café l'étincelle, beaubien, caféSource : Café L’Étincelle

Keep in mind, this is a very abbreviated list of my favourite haunts. Explore the many wonderful spots located along Beaubien Street East. Enjoy!

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