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With the finals almost being over, the time has come, for some of you to celebrate the end of your studies and obtain your diploma regardless or your scholarly: high school, Cegep, College ( Bachelor or Master). This important step is usually underlined by two events: prom night (more for us) and graduation ceremony (more for your close relatives).

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Whether you are the person finishing your studies or simply someone assisting to the graduation ceremony, you may be scratching your head when comes time to choose the perfect outfit for this very  important day.

Personally, I have to graduation ceremonies on my 2015 calendar. The first one is coming up fast. My boyfriend is a grad student from HEC and his ceremony will take place at la Place des Arts in the beginning of May. Well, let’s be clear how forbidden jeans are. Here’s a preview of what I’m intending to wear. The top and skirt are already proudly hanging in my closet.

Printemps CHIC

Top : Simons

Shoes : Aldo

Purse : Zara


Similar skirts : ASOS, H&M, Forever 21

I love the skirts since its length gives the outfit a classic look, but the transparency from the knee allows to show some legs; my 5 foot 4 figure thanks you. Since the skirt has an elastic band at the waist, I wanted to opt for a top that will sits right on the band in order to camouflage the skirt. I looked pretty much everywhere in order to find a top with a fabric that has lots of movement and will fall perfectly. Great news! I found one! In terms of shoes and purse, I didn’t buy anything yet. A pair of nude pumps is always a great option without forgetting to mention how versatile they are by giving you a never ending leg: a two for one win. Furthermore, this would be a great investment for this key-item to figure in your closet! The bag is perfect size-wise and also a bit out there in terms of the colour, I usually go for black, green forest or burgundy!

Other options

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This Zara dress breathes spring! If I didn’t have any planned outfit (yes I’m always planning ahead, however, I wanted to be ready before the beloved FINALS period and the end of my internship), this dress would already be sitting in my closet by now. The dress is yet sexy with its open bag, but yet remains conservative that can be worn during dinner with your in-laws or your university rector! Oh yeah, there’s a pattern going on and the dress isn’t black. Let’s just say I’d be out of my comfort zone with this dress but I could easily re-wear it during a wedding or chic date night!

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A dress that screams spring! The long sleeves are perfect for our beloved spring that is late on the clock.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.30.17 AM

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Easy to wear at the office or for any events that requires to look polished, the color is also very refreshing!

MY graduation day

In terms of this famous grad day, mine will take place in November when I’m actually graduating in the upcoming weeks… I will FINALLY have my Bachelor diploma in public relations at UQAM! YEAHHHHHH since the event will take place in mid-November, wearing a big floral print under my robe wouldn’t suit the season. In any case, I’m confidant I’d end up wearing a little black dress or something with dark tones. I’m telling you, I’m trying very hard to keep myself away from any  black items that easily represent more than 70% of my wardrobe (that is on the bring of collapsing)! Anyways, here are some of my favourite pieces!


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Even if you don’t have any grad ceremonies coming up, these dresses can easily be worn for any chic events of just for the pleasure of wearing cute dresses! We don’t need any special events in order to wear a cute dress and feel empowered!

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