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When I wrote my introductory bio for LeCahier five years ago, I mentioned that I favoured bohemian fashion and that I wore fringes, long dresses and capes… I haven’t really changed all that much but my sense of style has become more refined over the years. I still love hippie looks but I know they’re not suitable for certain occasions, in which case, I choose items that are more chic or universal.

Bohemian-inspired dresses are popping up everywhere on Instagram. We see them in photos  taken of beautiful women in a desert landscape and ask ourselves how we could adopt the style to city life. Let me assure you that it can be done and much more easily than you might expect! I found a perfect example at the Trunkshop boutique on Mont-Royal Street!



I can hardly wait for spring to arrive! I like the way the tiered ruffles of this bohemian-inspired dress flutter in the wind. The ruffling is delicate and feminine without being cutesy. The plunging neckline of this dress clearly says “woman” in a tasteful manner. The double strand necklace I chose from Lost & Faune compliments the neckline with its beautiful simplicity.  The bodice of the dress is made to fit snugly so you needn’t worry about your breasts popping out! I really like the very classy and sexy manner in which the asymmetrical bottom of the dress shows off our legs.


DSC_5366-2Are you familiar with Lost & Faune? They are two local artisans who create true marvels! “Lost”, because we have to get out of our comfort zone and explore, and “Faune”, because it represents the wildlife, landscapes and faces that remind us of our roots. Lost & Faune offers delicate travel-inspired items as well as ethnic-chic pieces. All of their creations are very feminine and serve to enhance the femininity of every woman. They’re also very affordable quality pieces (this necklace, for instance, costs $35). Lost & Faune is Michelle and Christine’s brand and they’re well worth getting to know!



The look:

Dress – Le Trunkshop

Necklace – Lost and Faune

Photos – Vikki Snyder


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