It’s kind of my second wedding. Can I still get a gift registry?

Of course! This is your wedding! Whether it’s the second, fourth, fifth… who cares! Everyone attending is there for you and want to support and celebrate your new union. If you ever feel uncomfortable about receiving gifts, you can also sign up for a honeymoon registry or tell your guests, no gifts for the wedding.  

What is the politically correct time to send a thank-you note?

ASAP! It’s as simple as that. Okay let’s face it: you are all excited, you just got married, it was a memorable day, everything is still soaking in, and OH look at that, you kind of forgot to send them. Well you have up to three months to do it. And don’t forget, giving your gratitude on social media is not enough. You can #hashtag all you want and it’s nice to do so, but a thank-you letters should always follow.

Someone asked me to be in their wedding party, do I have to ask her to be in mine?

NOPE! You are not obligated to ask your friend to be in your wedding party if you were in hers. If you really feel uncomfortable with the situation, you can ask them to take on a different responsibility.

How much should I spend on a wedding gift for a wedding I am attending?

There are no laws saying that you have to spend 200$ if you are a friend, 3,000$ if you are a relative and 20$ if you forgot to buy a gift. You should always take your budget into consideration and the relationship you have with the newlyweds.

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