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As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Maude is getting married in November and I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids. We’re holding her bachelorette party this weekend and I’ll tell you about it afterwards (I did a pretty good job organizing it, if I do say so myself!)

The two other bridesmaids and I have finally found a dress we all like and I’ve come across a few others you might like for an autumn wedding. Some of the dresses are currently on sale but don’t wait too long or you might miss out! The trick is to find a chic dress that can easily be worn for other occasions. Getting back to Maude’s wedding… there won’t be any need to venture outdoors in order to get from the ceremony to the reception, so the bridesmaids and I have chosen a dress in pale pink and I think I might even dare to wear sandals. Bottom line, I think all colours are permitted; however, if you want a look that’s more autumnal, go for navy blue, burgundy, emerald green, etc.

Here are a few dresses you might like and they’re all suitable for weddings and other special occasions. Getting the best bang for your buck is always nice! My go-to boutiques for chic clothing? Le Château, Boutique 1861, RW&CO (all have terrific sales!), Asos (for clothing you won’t find in Canadian stores), and Aritzia, among others.

Psst! Click on the pics to shop online.

The silky maxi dress

Although this is a cold shoulder dress, it’s remains a good option for autumn-wear given that it is full length. The dress is also offered in pale pink, for those of you who might prefer that. (Available at RW&CO.)

The romantic embroidered dress

As you know, clothing with embroidered details are very much on trend this year. This version of the classic little black dress has a fine mesh overlay embroidered with pretty flowers. I simply adore the feminine and ethereal look of this dress which can easily be worn for other special occasions. (Available at RW&CO.)

Straight out of the 90s

Are you leaning towards a very minimalist 90s look? If so, you need this slinky dress in charcoal gray, with a draping neckline reminiscent of Calvin Klein designs from a few years ago. No need to worry about wearing the dress if it’s cold outside because you can always slip on a stylish fur stole or similar garment. (Dress available at Boutique 1861.)

Miss Scarlett

Are you tempted to go for the femme fatale Miss Scarlett look for dancing in the ballroom with the best man (single, I hope)?  You definitely won’t go unnoticed in this slip dress! (Available at Boutique 1861.)

The bohemian

The halter neckline and tiered skirt of this dress by Aritzia has a more bohemian flare. The elasticated waist makes an elegant silhouette! (Available at Aritzia.)

The classic

I love the pleating of this dress, also by Aritzia. You can easily wear this classic at Christmas parties and evenings on the town. I’d just skip the boots and opt for shoes to draw a little more attention to your legs! (Available at Aritzia.)

The floral

This dress is so pretty with its blue floral print and Bardot-esque neckline (personally speaking, I’m not at all tired of the off-the-shoulders trend). Once again, this is a dress you can easily wear for any occasion. (Available at Le Château.)

The ruffle detail

The gorgeous ruby color of this form-fitted dress (also available in black and wine red) with its ruffle detail will get you noticed. This dress is a definite classic you simply can’t go wrong with! (Available at Le Château.)

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