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DARING. It’s a big word; however, it can mean different things to different people. Fluorescent lip colour can be daring for some. For others, it might be a pixie cut. As for me, it’s edgy fashion looks. My personal sense of style leans more towards classic looks. Same goes for my hair, which by the way, reaches the small of my back. I’ve often been tempted to have it cut to shoulder length but everybody tells me that I’d regret it. Regardless, like most women, I like to switch things up from time to time, and the way I do that is by changing my hair colour. I’m not ready to try blue or pink but I do like playing with different shades of blond. If you’re interested in trying something new that doesn’t involve cutting your hair, take a look at this autumn’s top 3 hair colours.


Red, red, RED! It’s a hair colour that can be a little scary but if you get it right, it can be magnificent. There have been times throughout history when red hair was less than desireable. Of course, not everyone shared that opinion. As for today, red hair is HOT! It might not suit everyone but I think that it looks great on people with fair skin. For instance, Jessica Chastain and Isla Fisher (see below).

rousse, isla fischer, cheveux, couleur, automneSource : Howtobearedheadjessica chastain, cheveux roux, couleur, automneSource : Hawtcelebs


In recent years, when we think autumn, we think burgundy. This year however, the colour isn’t confined to cozy scarves and thigh high socks, it’s in your hair! Burgundy, like every other colour, comes in a variety of shades; however, it is essentially a dark colour. An ombré look, though subtle when created in shades of burgundy, is still very much on trend!

cheveux, rouge, bourgogne, tendance 2017Source : Leseclaireusesrouge, bourgogne, automne 2017, cheveuxSource : Bloglovin


Ahhhh, isn’t this colour absolutely gorgeous! Although it might not be obvious, there is a difference in tone between platinum hair and white hair. In my opinion, platinum has undertones of yellow while white has undertones of grey. Don’t be afraid of regrowth, be it lighter or darker, because it’s a look that is very much sought after at the moment!

Tendance cheveux automne 2017, gris, blancSource : Sturbock

So, which hair colour will you dare to wear?

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