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The Australia Fashion Week has just wrapped up in Sydney, and aside from the gorgeous and slightly racy sheer summer pieces from Albus Lumen as well as splashes of color, color-blocking, print-mixing and strong athleisure vibes presented by Double Rainbouu, there were quite a few brands whose name you definitely want to remember, such as Hansen and Gretel, as well as the deconstructive, athleisure and both minimalistic and unisex oriented Ten Pieces. Now, as always, where there are runways, fashionistas flock to the locations sporting their very best, most poignant and photo-worthy looks, so as we wait for the 2019 spring collections to overtake the streets, let’s see what the fashion-forward were wearing to welcome it.

Let’s talk about colors

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Among the sea of hues, shades and patterns, there were three colors that stood out due to their prominent presence on the streetstyle crowds. One of them is brown, which somehow doesn’t come as a surprise – after all, it is fall in Australia, and this color makes for the perfect warm-toned cozy and bendable choice. It should be noted that the color in question came in many calming yet popping hues such as camel, spotted on classy trench coats, burnt orange (on accessories such as micro bags and sunglasses), as well as chocolate brown of flat leather loafers.

Aussies sure know how to make the best out of fall, and in order to scare away any potential gloomy weather, many were spotted in baby pink trench coats, oversized millennial pink pantsuits, and even pink socks worn with sandals – which is yet another new trend that by the way, looks super chic and just a tad nonchalantly eccentric.

The third color was the power red, worn boldly – red pantsuits were present, as well as the looks created by suit separates, leather jackets, and even simple jeans. Red may be losing its significance up North, but in Australia its reign is just beginning.

Dresses galore

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Given that so many other trends have been dominating both the runways as well as the streets, it was refreshing and surprising to see such a large number of frilly, elegant, casual and bohemian dresses, particularly those in white. They came in a variety of cuts from ruffled and romantic ones to those more fitted and elegant. The women of Sydney sure know how to spite the season, and as the summertime approaches in the Northern hemisphere, you know you want to copy their impeccable white looks, so it’s best to start browsing for gorgeous Australian-style formal dresses online now.


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It would be difficult not to spot the plethora of pantsuits that were present on the streets of Sydney. However, unlike the US and the rest of the North, Aussies didn’t go for the popular pastels, but rather decided to make their power statement with bold patterns. From stripes to bold checkers, and numerous other prints in saturated pink and even purple shades, the patterned pantsuits certainly made themselves noticed, and we simply can’t help but fall in love with this look. Although everyone in the fashion world is experimenting with patterns, Australians still manage to do it in a way that is original and unique, as always.

You can’t win them all

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Athleisure is a trend that has brought the fashion world to its knees, and even though Australians were the ones to rock it in the most organic and authentic way (given their wellness and fitness-focused lifestyle), it’s evident that when it comes to rocking athleisure as a trend, not a lifestyle, they have somewhat succumbed to the global interpretation of the trend – puffer jackets were seen, and so were the side-striped track pants, along with logo-filled hoodies and ugly dad sneakers.

The influence of Melbourne

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Either some very stylish Melbourne girls were in attendance, or the Sydney ones tried to give black a go. Either way, the Melbourne’s signature rebellious minimalism was alive and well in the streets of Sydney. Just in case you were wondering, yes, the edgy yet simple moto leather jacket and black jean look is still a thing, along with some more bolder black looks. Some even involving leather skirts, berets and fanny packs, but we all know that Melbourne gals do wonders with black, so you might want to bookmark these looks and use them for inspiration, because you won’t find this kind of edgy minimalism elsewhere.


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