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Meemoza would be for me one of the biggest fashion discoveries I’ve encountered during my time at Le Cahier x The Booklet. A discovery that fits right in my alley for both its casual and refine style. This local brand follows not only my fashion taste but my values. The pieces are eco-friendly during production and also fabricated on our home soil. I don’t know for you, but I love to wear my clothes without have this guilt following me around, without questioning if I’ve done a good thing or not after purchasing the so-say item. Which means this is the ideal boutique! I’m showing you guys 3 complete different outfits by still keeping the same vibe within fabrics and patterns. I love the boldness from each pieces that still remain delicate and feminine. It gives that romantic look without being overdressed. There are so comfortable and versatile as well, they can be worn to any types of occasions, however, you’d only need to adjust the outlook by chosen the right accessory. Take note that your shoes can also change the ensemble, with that being said this dress is perfect to wear at the office, during happy hour or for your everyday routine. To know more about the brand and other collaborations the blog and Meemoza have done in the past, click  here.


The outfit : 

Top : Meemoza

Skirt : Meemoza

Both dresses : Meemoza

Photos : Florence Corriveau



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