Now everyone has a pet, it seems it's the fashion nowadays! We can see countless of celebrities' selfies with their pups and cats, which obviously, we now know their name. Anything with an animal shape or pattern on any accessories or clothing have become  so popular that the latest trend is the kitty panties. Even the Crazy Cat Lady has found its place in the realm of cool people, the pressure to adopt a companion is strong!



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Although the idea of ​​frequenting  trendy cafes that accept your four-legged friends, sip on your latte right next to your cutest furry friend, it is important to remember that adopting a pet is a long term commitment life! By reading this, I'm sure you'd agree with me. Yet each year, nearly 50 000 animals are abandoned, in the Montreal area only. If we count the entire province, the number would escalate to half a million animals that are abandoned and euthanized annually, according to The Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec. As we know, July 1st is a particularly critical day for pets. Cruel unconscious masters? Not necessarily! Standing in front of an adorable baby  that melts your heart, it is difficult to ask whether ourselves if we really plan on giving as much love, even when our dog our cat would become bigger, noisier and we will have less time of taking care of him.


Here are some key questions to ask yourself  if you feel ready to adopt a pet.

– In the event of a glitch, would I be able to pay for veterinary costs?

– Does the chosen race really fits my needs? (Each animal has its own personality. However, each race has characteristics of its own. For example, the Jack Russell is a small hunting dog that needs physical activity and can not be left unattended because it will seize the first opportunity to dig and go hunting! A misinformed teacher can have unpleasant surprises …)

– Do I plan on staying in one place during the coming years? Am I willing to choose locations or owners who allow  pets?

These simple questions can help you make a realistic choice. Sometimes it's not about giving up on the idea of adopting a pet, but to choose the right one for you!

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Just a few years ago, my family and I had to leave our dog to another family because we underestimated our god's needs. Our Labrador, Zak, was loving and calm. He was nice, even with my sister's daughters  who was never far away! However, at over 100 pounds, Zar became too big for our tiny apartment located in the Plateau. When he began to have serious gastric problems which we could never find the source, it has become unlivable. Without land to let him play outside and allow us to breathe easily, we came to the conclusion that he had to find another family. He now lives in the countryside. I could never see him again because we did not want to disturb him further. In our misfortune, we were lucky to find a family willing to welcome Zak despite his condition. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and we might be able to deal with its problems if it was a smaller dog or if we had a more suitable apartment or living conditions for him.



Bébé Zak

ZAK 2Le grand Zak

On a more positive note, for those who cherish their dogs and cats and who would like to try something new, I have a friend who is organizing a really fun event for the official opening of her shop Bon en Tit'os! It's the first store in Quebec to offer a choice of fresh foods and quality for dogs and cats, in bags or in bulk. Containers allow you to buy only the desired amount and to better preserve it. You will also find accessories to pamper your pets!

Interested? Here is the information about the event:

When: Saturday, April 2, 2016, from 10h to 17h.

Where: 7479 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, close to the Metro De Castelnau.

What: Surprises, rebates on products sold, refreshments for you and your four-legged friends and a photographer will be on location.



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