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Wether you like it or not, the Holidays are coming. You can already smell Christmas everywhere (to my great pleasure) and you probably received an invitation for your office’s Christmas party (if not, it shouldn’t too long before you do)! And then, these two questions pop up: Do I go? If so, what am I going to wear? In my case, all reasons are good to rock a killer outfit to the extent of buying a complete new one for all the events I’ll be attending. I’m just that type of girl to my entourage’s despair. But I know there are people among you who don’t particular share that excitement for this type of evening, or even struggle to find an outfit. Well, this article is for you! I wanted to save your life, or simply simplifying it.

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10 reasons why you should go to your office’s Christmas party

1. Hard working people took time to plan this event

2. It gives you the chance of seeing your coworkers in a complete different setting

3. A lot can happen during that evening, so you don’t want to miss it

4. People are in a good mood, it’s going to be a fun night, so let loose and have fun

5. You can always do an “Irish Exit” if you’re bored beyond words (leaving without notice). Although, I hope it won’t come to that point

6. No one will force you to dance (but nothing is keeping you from dancing either)

7. It will also break the ice between the group and certain colleagues who you don’t really know

8. You’ll probably end up winning prizes with draws and whatnots. Personally I love draws, I just don’t know why, but I do

9. I know you guys probably have going away parties, retirements, promotions, birthdays and so on, but the Christmas party isn’t the same than the previous ones!

10. It only happens once a year

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Now that I’ve convinced you (I hope though), the only thing to talk about is what to wear. First and foremost, you’d need to know what not to wear, even if it’s a party or outside working hours. In any case, I’m pretty certain you already know what’s a no-no clothing-wise, like knowing if you’d wear THAT type of item, people will talk about it till the end of time: revealing cleavage, a dress/skirt that’s way too short, a revealing crop-top, an old jean and Hawaiian shirt (unless that was the theme of the party). Here are my outfit ideas with three little important words to live by: comfortable, festive, classy.

Outfit #1

On the blog, we cannot say enough how important accessories are, and at what point these little guys can change the outlook of a simple outfit it no time. The first ensemble is the timeless little black dress, which you’ll pair with cute jewelry, a clutch and a pair of booties. Now off you go.

Clutch, bracelet, necklace and booties : Forever 21
Dress : H&M


Just dare the leather shorts, for once in your life! They’re super trendy when worn with black tights (obviously) and a loose fitted top (with a bit of sparkles if possible, it’s the holidays for crying out loud). You’ll have a comfy-chic mix, which I love. You have the choice: High or flat heels! If you’re not too comfortable with the shorts, simply replace the latter with a skirt also made in leather, the effect will be left untouched.

Sweater : Pinterest
Bracelet and loafers  : Forever 21
Shorts : H&M

Outfit #3

For those of you who love sequins, probable more than you should, I shall invite to make a choice: wether you opt for a sequin skirt or a top. For the ladies who already bought their dress completely covered in sparkles, just add a cute black blazer over in order to break “that’s a lot of glitter” effect.

Skirt : H&M
Booties and bracelet : Aldo
Blouse : Topshop

Outfit #4

For those who doesn’t particularly feel wearing a skirt nor a dress, or simple don’t like the idea, there’s always the pants option. Yes, it’s allowed! Opt for a tailored style outfit, but to break the corporate look, just go crazy with an unique top.

Blazer : Smart set
Pants : Dynamite
Top : H&M
Shoes : Call it spring

Outfit #5

Who says you can’t look chic and fashionable in sweatpants? Did you say you wanted comfort, where here it is! The idea is to find a perfect balance, if you’re going for something easy breezy with your pants, might as well dress it up with a chic top and vice versa.

Pants : Smart Set
Blouse : H&M
Booties : Aldo
Earrings : Forever 21

Always think of where the event will take place to create an outfit, some will be more casual than others. My last advice: if there’s a theme, just go with it and kill it! On that note, enjoy your office’s Christmas party!

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