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Are breasts embarrassing? Must they be kept hidden beneath a thickly padded bra for fear that a nipple might be visible? No.

In recent years, more and more women openly acknowledge that they don’t always wear a bra and they claim the right to do so without being judged. It gave me great pleasure to evidence this wave of  emancipation on the internet. I’ve never understood all the drama surrounding breasts. Are they really a cause for embarrassment? My monthly photo shoot was held a few weeks ago and I chose to wear this look (and many others) without a bra. Not long after, I received the pics taken by Vikki Snyder and I immediately liked what I saw. Yet, when I showed them to a friend, she asked me if I could photoshop my nipples so that they weren’t visible. My answer was “no”. I would not feed into the stigma associated with the visibility of a woman’s breasts beneath her clothes.

Why is it acceptable to see a man’s nipples beneath his clothes, but not a woman’s?

I just can’t wrap my mind around it. My friend quickly assured me that my refusal to photoshop my pics might not be so bad because I have pretty breasts. What do ugly breasts look like? So, if my breasts were considered ugly according to certain criteria, would it mean that I had to keep them hidden beneath a thickly padded bra in order to mimic the perfectly rounded shape of  breasts of Victoria’s Secret models? I don’t think so. In fact, I refuse to accept such thinking. I understand that for the sake of modesty, not all women are comfortable going braless. It’s their choice. I’d like to see the day when women can choose what is comfortable for them without fear of shocking, but in the meantime, the choice remains theirs to make. What pains me is the knowledge that there are women who would prefer to go braless but they dare not do so for fear of shocking people.

Shocking because we refuse to wear an item of UNDERclothing?

Just to be clear, why is it acceptable for me to forego panties because the pencil skirt I’ve chosen to wear is tight and poorly lined and even the skimpiest G-string would show beneath it? In this instance, I’m opting for comfort. Why should it be any different for my breasts?

And yet…

We expose our breasts! We expose everything except our nipples. We have dresses that expose side-boob, others that expose cleavage and leave little to the imagination. And yet, it’s darn near sacriligious to see a woman’s nipples through her clothing?

I don’t understand.

Do not tell me that the reason is because it’s considered too erotic. If so, I’ll join the ranks of young women who are protesting dress codes set in high school so that boys won’t be distracted?  On the one hand, women’s nipples are apparently cause for disturbance because they are deemed too sexual, while men’s nipples are not, well, that’s a double standard.

Most days, I either go braless or I wear a little bralette.

I don’t like underwear that rigidly holds my breasts in place. I find it completely uncomfortable. I wish people weren’t so judgemental. The decision whether or not to wear a bra is a choice that belongs to women. And women alone.






The look:

Clothing– Tobi

Necklace – Anne-Marie Chagnon

Location – Hôtel William Gray

Shoes – Spring

Photos – Vikki Snyder


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