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If you ever stop by and visit my closet, you’ll soon notice how the majority of my clothes are black, white or a mix of both. However, this wasn’t thought of. I love wearing different colors, however whenever I go shopping, I automatically attracted to black and white pieces with a pattern (dots, stripes, tribal, etc.) and by neutral colors. When I have to make a choice when exiting the changing room, I often opt for these ones because I know how easier it will be to pair them with, the possibilities are endless. I also have the certainty I will never get tired of my black sweater or perhaps not as quick as my orange blouse for example.

Anyways, all that to say how much possibilities you can acquired when wearing black and white without falling into the easy trap and obtain boring looks. Here are a few examples:

Colored accessories

Are you concern your black and white outfit lacks of color? One of my favorite options for a bit of originality is to add a cute colored accessory: earrings, bag, shoes, statement necklace, vest… the list goes on! You’d insure your look won’t look faded or too classic by personalizing it regarding on the occasion. In fact, if you have read my “How to Wear Cobalt Blue” article, you probably know how this has become my favorite accessory color to incorporate to my black and white outfits.

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Another way to stand out, is layering clothes with accessories. I’m not saying here you have to wear tons and tons of clothes to look fashionable (I’m a fervent lover of the simple black trouser and white t-shirt), but how you can simply wear a tank top, cardigan and a scarf or even a sweater with a necklace and blazer. What will that give you, shall you ask me? Well, that outfit will be more put-together, more personalized and will give the intuition how this look is well carefully thought-of.

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I wrote about it above, I have an obsession with pattern and even more when the latter are black and white. I find it so pretty and classy by yet, remaining a little bit edgy. Wether you’re choosing a dress, Harem trouser, a crop top, a skid or tank top, you won’t have difficulty to pair it with other pieces. You can even, if you’re up to it, wear two types of patterns. One for the top and the other at the bottom. Endless possibilities!

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Same principles that is applied with interior design: different textures (leather, quilted, wool, fur, etc.) add edginess and style to an outfit. Often, you only need one element to make that much difference (such as having a plant or a cushion in a room for example). As for me, I often opt for fake leather blazer or fake sure in order to complete my fall outfits.

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What about you? How are loving as much as me black and white outfits?

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