This shouldn’t come as a secret to know that I am a brand ambassador for Montreal based lingerie line, Sokoloff, which is for me an honor. I wear Sokoloff products daily, I simply love them and I can’t stop talking about it on the blog. Over the years, me and Sofia, creative designer of Sokoloff, became very close friends. Young go-getter entrepreneur, she’s the perfect embodiment of female success in the fashion industry à la montréalaise. She has succeeding to put herself on the map not only with the help of her never-ceasing increasing sales, but also with a successful critique from the press and the use of social medias. Sokoloff is everywhere! Hat’s off to you, Sofia!

Since my teenage years, it wasn’t uncommon for me to leave the house without a bra on. Why’s that? Simple because, I didn’t want to have my girls pushed up to my neck, filled with extreme padding from certain companies. I’ve been living comfortably with my cute 34A since I can remember, it doesn’t annoy me if my bra doesn’t offer support since with my size, let’s be honest here, nothing will move. I’ve then discovered a passionate love for bralettes, which are über trendy at the moment and even some bras with less or no support at all. Sokollof offers bralettes that are not only comfortable, but easy on the eye. Is it weird to say I wish people could see through my clothes so they can admire my bralette? Anyways…

In the spirit, here’s a photoshoot featuring my favorite bralette of the moment… and Alphone invited himself as a guest-model. Enjoy the show!

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2015 09 21_09_062015 09 21_09_04
2015 09 21_09_05B2015 09 21_09_08
What I’m wearing:
Cardi – Zara
Lingerie – Sokoloff Lingerie
Photos – Michelle Gagné

2015 09 21_09_072015 09 21_09_02B

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