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Contrary to popular belief, coming up with a flawless wedding outfit doesn’t have to be challenging at all – as long as you know what you’re doing, of course. However, if you aren’t really sure how to master this task, just keep on reading and find out more about the style guide for the groom, bride, bridesmaids, and wedding guests. Check them out and enjoy!

A style guide for the groom

So, you’ve already proposed to your darling and the next step is getting married, right? Well, the first thing you should take into consideration is your suit, and your final choice should depend on the overall theme and the tone of your wedding. If you’re going to have a black-tie wedding, you should opt for an evening tail suit or a tailcoat. On the other hand, if you decided to have a semi-formal or informal wedding, you can tone down your look a little bit and go for a cool button-down, a pair of tailored pants and a matching jacket, and an urban tie or bowtie. Besides that, you should also know that fall weddings usually call for three-piece suits. As for the colors, there are brown, navy, and dark gray, and you can even play with different patterns like checks or subtle stripes. Make sure that your shoes and belt match the color of the suit, and voila – you’re all done and good to go!

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A style guide for the bride

Yes, the groom is extremely significant, as there would be no wedding without him, obviously, but you know what? The bride is still number one if you ask us, so don’t forget that if you’re about to get married soon. Needless to say, your wedding gown should be your top priority, so begin your quest a year in advance, if possible. Of course, this task is a piece of cake for future brides who have been visualizing it since they were little, but you don’t have to worry at all even if you aren’t one of those girls. If you don’t want it to be too dramatic, you should definitely check out wedding dresses by Oleg Cassini – there is a variety of gorgeous pieces designed with love, and it gets even better when you realize that they’re quite affordable at the same time! Apart from the gown, you should pick a flawless bridal hairstyle, as well as a long-lasting makeup look that features a pair of glamorous false lashes. Your shoes should be as comfortable as possible, since you’ll spend your big day dancing around and having fun.

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A style guide for the bridesmaids

Speaking of the bridesmaids, we must say that the bride has the final word and that her decisions should never be questioned. Of course, the majority of brides will want their bridesmaids to look synchronized, which is certainly the best way to accomplish the much-needed uniformity which will take the whole wedding day to a new level. However, you should discuss the dresses with your bridesmaids, so that you can find out the style and colors they’ll feel comfortable in. Going for a universal model is completely insane because every girl has a different body shape, which makes it impossible to pull off. That’s why you should go for the same length and color, but play with necklines, sleeves, and waistlines. You’ll allow your bridesmaids to get dresses that look flattering on them, which should be your priority. Don’t forget that appropriate underwear plays a huge role as well, since it can hide some minor flaws and contribute to a smoother figure. As for their makeup looks, falsies are a huge must, too, as they’ll contribute to a more dramatic look that looks stunning in photos.

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A style guide for the wedding guests

When it comes to a style guide for the wedding guests, we must say that the future bride and the groom will clearly state the dress code on the invitations. It will obviously make it much easier for the guests, as sticking to a wedding dress code should be taken seriously. When it comes to black-tie weddings, ladies should go for elegant, long gowns combined with delicate yet luxurious pieces of jewelry. Gentlemen, on the other hand, should opt for their trusty tuxedos, which are a symbol of style and sophistication. On the other hand, semi-formal and informal weddings allow mid-length cocktail dresses and open-toe pumps – even sequins are more than fine! However, gentlemen are still expected to wear suits which are actually a bit more informal than tuxedos. Speaking of men’s footwear, a pair of dress shoes in black, navy or brown will always do the trick. Casual weddings are also a thing these days, and they allow everything from wide-leg pants, sheer blouses, flowy dresses, and chic pantsuits for ladies, to a pair of chinos and a casual blazer for the guys. Everything will be fine as long as you stick to the dress code!

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As you can see, there’s everything you need to know about wedding fashion. All you have to do is to bear our tips and guidelines in mind and you’ll undoubtedly nail your outfits, without a shadow of a doubt!

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