Not only a week ago, we were graced with spring-like temperatures… which didn't last too long. Since yesterday, snow has been falling all over the province. This white carpet we all wait impatiently for prior to the Holidays has surprised us once again, however in the middle of March. We systematically forget how fast one thinks it's appropriate to take out our leather jacket. For those who travel often in wintertime, like I do, we often it's possible to escape cold season's mayhem. We were wrong. For a long time, I thought I never loved winter, but it's not that. 

I don't like winter in the city. 

I don't own a car, so I love to make the daily commute by foot or with my bike which becomes a hassle once the snow banks and ice patches are covering much of Montreal's territory. It won't be in Montreal, from Monday to Friday, that I'll enjoy the snow by going skiing or snow shoeing. Quite the opposite: I usually take a rain check when my friends invite me to a restaurant in reason that I always think of how infernal making the trip will be. Winter is great when I go  to Magog with my boyfriend since we'd spend our entire day skiing and can't wait to enjoy a hot glass of wine after sunset. Winter is great when I visit my parents who live on the South Short of Montreal, in St-Lambert, where I often surprise myself from having so much fun building snow forts. I have to remind myself how I have to learn to appreciate the cold season again once I'm on the island since I can't stand of hearing people complaining about it, as if it was their first snow storm ever. Like, get over yourself! Have you lived the ice storm of 1998? I still remember that one! And still: we all live in Quebec. The cold season is part of our DNA. Simple as that. 

On that note, I wanted to say: I love winter. Might as well keep a positive mind, it lightens the mood. 



I received this scarf/tuque ensemble from La Fille qui Tricote. Catherine, the brand's founder chose luxury fibers in order to handmade her knitted creations. I love the scarf's thick stitches which make it nice and cozy during a snow day and also, it looks great with all kinds of winter coats.

look6-4 look6-5 look6-2 look6-6

This top is from Unicorn's Couture, local label who makes tops with quotes such as this one: "Always Late". Everyone was laughing once I put the latter on, since I'm known in my entourage of not being the most punctual one of the group, we then all thought this was well-representative of my personality. 

look6-9 look6-7

I'm wearing:
Top – Unicorn's Couture
Wintercoat – Winners
Jeans – Winners
Shoes – Winners
Tuque and scarf – La fille qui tricote
Location – Hôtel Le Crystal
MUA: Ann Frédérique Tremblay
Photos: Delphine N Photographie 


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