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I think it’s good to take a break from our usual routine from time to time; otherwise, we risk getting stuck in a monotonous commute-work-bedtime rut. The folks at SodaStream Canada reached out to me, knowing how much I love sparkling water, and asked me how I keep boredom at bay. Here are five ways to keep life exciting!

Embark on a new adventure

Will Summer ever arrive? I mean, we had two days of warm weather but it’s been cold ever since! I’m itching to travel to warmer climes! I’m an adventurer at heart, and not to brag, not much scares me. I try, I learn, I explore. I travel to faraway destinations, live off-the-wall adventures in lesser-known places (sometimes pretty dangerous places, sorry Mom and Dad) and, best of all, I get to do it all in the company of my dearest friends! Obviously, you don’t need to travel to some exotic place to feel alive with excitement.

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Do a variety of physical activities

I’m a water-lover! As a matter of fact, I was a competitive swimmer for a long time. Nowadays however swimming has become more of a pastime and there are days when it just seems simpler to skip the pool altogether and go for a jog instead. The trick, for me, lies in challenging myself to surpass my personal record every time I go for a swim. That being said, more than anything else, I swim for the sheer love of it. Now, I alternate between jogging and swimming in the morning before work.

Get together with friends

Dining with one friend or brunching with another is great but what’s even better is sharing a meal with all of my friends; gathered around a table or a campfire, or a picnic at the park, for example. Spending time with the gang energizes me and makes me happy. I love hanging out with them; knowing that I won’t be judged if I act a little goofy. We spent a fantastic weekend together in Québec City mid-way through Spring. Mind you, we don’t need an “excuse” to get together and celebrate!

Enjoy a few little luxuries at home

I’m very active so I drink a lot of water. I can’t say that I particularly enjoy drinking it. Unless it’s sparkling water. We have two SodaStream machines at work; one is mine and the other is for the rest of the team! I used to buy a lot of bottled sparkling water from the grocery store but then I got to thinking about the amount of minerals I was ingesting and the ecological footprint my habit was creating (I know, I know, I still travel a lot by air). Having a sparkling water maker at home sure beats drinking boring old water from the faucet; what’s more, I can flavour it!!

By the by, I also have a high-end coffee maker so now I get to enjoy specialty coffee every morning without the hassle of “waiting in line”! I can even indulge in a second cup at work thanks to our new coffee maker. Max insisted we keep it and I couldn’t agree more!

Do some creative writing

I write at least one article every day for the blog; it’s a lot, especially when you consider that I’ve been doing it for over 4 years. I’ve always loved writing, much to the annoyance of my school teachers who would confiscate the novellas I wrote during class-time. I recently started writing a novel. I won’t say anything more on the topic for now, other than to affirm that working on a personal project from time to time is a great way to unwind and take care of yourself!

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