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Ah… winter is in full swing but that doesn’t mean that our wardrobe has to be as drab as the slush in the streets! In fact, even if the temperature is at its coldest, there’s always a way to add a sunny touch to our looks, especially now that Spring 2018 Collections are available in most stores! So, let’s start shopping for some of the key items that will spice up your winter looks!

1. The maxi shirt dress

Wear it with jeans or tights until the weather starts to warm up. It will remain one of your favourite pieces this summer when the humidex is running high!

dynamite, robe, robe chemise, look d'été, look printempsSource: Dynamite

2. The daring crop top blouse

Wear it now with high-waisted pants for a chic, yet edgy look that’s office appropriate. You’ll be able to pair it with high-waisted distressed denim shorts this summer for a rather punk look (hello festival season!)

chemisier, chemise, écourtée, noeud, punk, edgySource: Simons

3. The wide-leg sleeveless jumpsuit

Pair it with a pretty jacket in a vibrant colour for the winter months and then drop the jacket and wear it bare arms during the summer. Classic, while being daring in a very tasteful manner!

combinaison, jambe large, camisole, simonsSource: Simons

4. The maxi tunic

This tunic can be worn with jeans, leggings or a mini skirt during the summer. It’s also a must have for the spring! Wear it to work with a pair of ballerina flats and skinny black pants. For cocktail hour, switch the flats for high heels!

dynamite, robe, chemisier, tuniqueSource: Dynamite

5. The classic denim jacket

You wear it all summer long during the cool evenings, but why not add it to your look as an indoor jacket? It pairs very well with chic office-wear and it will keep you warm all day long! It’s a nice alternative to pullovers.

dynamite, veste en jeans, jeans, jeans jacketSource: Dynamite

6. The embroidered sleeve T-shirt

Sleeves remain the focal point of this spring’s fashion. Pair this remarkable T-shirt with black high-waisted pants to reign as the official queen of style at your workplace. The T-shirt can also be worn equally well with either casual or dressy shorts during the hot summer months.

T-shirt, manches brodées, manches, simonsSource: Simons

7. The classic legging

It’s the essential garment for so many looks throughout winter and spring. With it, you can reinvent your dresses and tunics while making sure that you stay warm! In the summer, it becomes a must-have in overly air-conditioned offices and looks that are a little more on the sporty/chic side. This high-waisted model is ideal for camouflaging curves (such as a tummy!)

legging, legging taille haute, le garage, indispensable, essentielSource: Le Garage


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