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On my recent trip to Belize with North Collective, I was fortunate to discover two coastal hotels. I thought I’d talk to you about both of them to help you choose the one that suits you best! When I tell people that I’ve visited Belize, they often ask me where it is and why I chose that particular destination. Belize is a very small country located in Central America, near Mexico. It would be easy to imagine yourself in both Central America and the Caribbean since some of the population speak English while others speak French and the nation itself is multicultural. Some people think that Belize is a dangerous place to visit but I never once felt in danger during my ten days there. In fact, the people in both of the cities where I stayed were always very welcoming and friendly.


Belize Ocean Club

As soon as we landed in Belize, Marc and I quickly rented a car to get us to Belize Ocean Club. Worth noting, although many of the roads are called “highways”, a good number of them are actually dirt roads that are difficult to navigate, depending upon the vehicle you’re driving. Thus, I would encourage you to speak to the locals rather than rely upon recommendations by Google Maps. The Belize Ocean Club is located in Placencia near Maya Beach which is renowned for its natural beauty. The City of Placencia is popular among American tourists, many of whom build hotels or condos on the properties they buy. The advantage, however, is that the entire length of the city runs along the coast so you never feel like you’re in a metropolis. The Belize Ocean Club is built on both sides of the road that crosses the inlet. This gives visitors the opportunity to stay either on the ocean side of the property or on the river side where the sunset is breathtaking. Clientele can avail themselves of the hotel’s paddle boards and kayaks, free of charge. The Belize Ocean Club has an on-site PADI dive center, making it very convenient to enjoy daily diving excursions.

Marc and I definitely appreciated the fact that all of the hotel’s rooms have kitchens and living rooms, making it simple to prepare our own meals whenever we liked. The hotel’s recently renovated swimming pool is one of the most beautiful in the region. You can relax by the pool and enjoy both the bar and the restaurant while taking in the view of the sea.

Hopkins Bay Beach Resort

After spending a few days in the region of Placencia, Marc and I took the road to Hopkins, a small town located a little further north un the coast. Upon our arrival at Hopkins, we were immediately struck by the difference between the two cities.

The presence of tourists was easily felt in the more luxurious area of Placencia, whereas in Hopkins we felt more immersed in the heart of local life which is more our style, although it may not be for everyone. Hopkins Bay is like a home away from home. The complex consists of several small houses each with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a living room. You can rent the entire house or just one or two bedrooms. This makes it possible to lodge an entire family or a bunch of friends all under one roof. It’s a concept that immediately appealed to us! The houses are set around two swimming pools, one of which has a bar. The hotel also has a restaurant that offers meals throughout the day. Like the Belize Ocean Club, Hopkins Bay works with Belize Underwater for diving trips. In this instance, all we have to do was catch the boat that took us to our destination; the hotel took care of all the details!


Our verdict?

We highly recommend both hotels. The Belize Ocean Club is more luxurious and offers top-notch service. The Hopkins Bay Beach Resort is more in the heart of the city with easy access to the area’s many activities. We would gladly return to both of the establishments and would like to thank them for making it possible for Marc and I to spend a dreamy ten days away from the demands of our daily lives!

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