Meemoza is one of our favorite Quebec brands and here are a few reasons why: their super feminine cuts, the quality of their products and materials and most of all, the social conscience of the brand that is eco-friendly. All together, we can’t do anything else than worship Meemoza. In the spirit, I’ve made a 100% quebecer outfit (except for the shoes), in collaboration with  Belle et Rebelle boutique, matching Monica dress from Meemoza with red on red tones and a cute floral print. I love the circular skirt that is very feminine and also made of organic cotton which makes the dress über comfy.

This outfit, worn with heels becomes with that touch, more chic, although can look casual when worn with flats. In other words, a sundress we love!

I’ll add one thing though: this dress has pocket and that’s bananas!


Do you like my Against Nudity’s sunglasses? We currently have a  contest HERE and you can win these sunglasses in black.


As of the shoes, I’ve found they at WINNERS by dumb luck, while I was browsing for cute object for my patio. It was love at first sight with this hybrid mid-booties mid-sandals.


The outfit :
Dress – Meemoza from Belle & Rebelle here
Sunglasses – Against Nudity
Necklace – Belle & Rebelle (not available online)
Shoes – Guess (at Winners)





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