I believe we all need someone that we can count upon through thick and thin. That person, for me, is you. We met nearly 10 years ago and yet it feels like it was just yesterday. Nobody could have predicted we’d become friends because we seemed so incompatible. You were a bit of a tomboy. I did my nails every day. We simply didn’t seem to have anything in common.

I was the teacher’s pet. You were the teacher’s worst nightmare; forever disrupting the class. We ended up sitting next to each other, based upon the alphabetical order of our last name. I wouldn’t be surprised if the teacher secretly hoped that I would have a calming effect upon you. It’s funny how people can be so mistaken and yet have everything work out so well in the end! We spent hours in class chatting, quarreling, laughing and ending up with a friendship that was totally improbable, and yet so strong. I never had to twist your arm to become friends. You are one of the few people I know with whom I felt an instant kinship and we’ve been friends ever since. You helped me become the person I am today. We’ve had our differences but we never lost sight of our friendship. In fact, I believe they strengthened our friendship and now, I can’t picture a life without you in it.

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You’ve become a part of me; a twin sister who suddenly and inexplicably feels a stab of pain and immediately texts you to make sure you’re okay. When you feel pain, I feel it too. When you laugh, I cry for joy. We’ve reached a point in our friendship where our thoughts and emotions need not be put into words; a glance is enough. We’ve lived the last 2 years with an ocean between us. No more pajama parties or last minute plans that drove our parents crazy. Still, I know that I can call you at any time, night or day, if I need to talk to you. You’re not just my best friend, you’re family, and I would gladly sacrifice everything I have if it meant keeping you safe from harm. Friendships like ours are few and far between. Who would I be without you in my life? Thank you for being you. Thank you for making me a better person with every passing day. Thank you for loving me just the way I am and for never seeking to change me. Thank you for making me stronger than ever. Thank you for always being there through thick and thin. People say that a seven-year friendship is a friendship that will last a lifetime. I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you will still be at my side in 10 years’ time.

For now and forever yours.

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