Going on a roadtrip in our incredible country might seems as an uncommon adventure for some. Now, imagine going on this marvelous adventure with 3 kids who are all under 5. Well, that's pretty much what we'll be doing shortly. Crazy, eh? It is indeed. However, can you tell me where's the fun with a risk-free routine? Well, before sharing all the details about our crazy trip, might as well take the opportunity to present ourselves. Let's start with our little monters:  

Garçon, enfant

Lyam is the oldest (he'll turn 5 during our trip), our adorable angelic demon who's energetic (too much at times), curious and quick-witted. Our little big brother will see his responsibilities enlarge throughout the trip, in order to help the parents and to perhaps drop his little childish habits that will help him prepare for an epic first day of school after our journey on the road. 

garçon, enfant

Our two year old named Logan, will live the infamous "Terrible Two" phase during our trip. He's a mama's boy, but don't let this little guy fool you, he's a tough one and he's only two years old…

Fillette, enfant, bébé

Meet our little princess, Kyra (she'll turn 6 months old during our trip). Newest addition to our family, she's already showing off her strong character that was hidden under her cute little flower persona. 

Mariage, sud, couple

And at last, us two, two writers, young parents, married for over a year now. Her, Frédérique (will turn 26 years old during our adventure), is currently finishing her last year in HR management (Bachelor degree), full-time mom and studies home. She's a mother and a devoted wife, at times lazy and distracted (according to Christian). Smart, yet unable to distinguish her left and her right. Yes, she'll be a pilot and copilot during the trip… however, where will her indications lead us? As for him, Christian (who'll turn 27 years old during the tip), is a signal system electrician for the STM. Christian is a father who's present for his kids, an incredible husband and yet, he could be incredibly stubborn at times (according to Frédérique). Committed and devoted, Christian will never back down from a challenge. According to Frédérique, he has the tendency of being impulsive… which could be a tad risky when you're a few thousands of kilometers away from home. Will Frédérique be able to dampen his enthusiasm.

Here we are then, The Roberge-Gaudettes meet the world. An adventurous family that will cross Canada, from Quebec to Yukon in a RV. A well-chosen path with lots of camping stops on our way to-go, a two-week stop in a yurt in Yukon. Then on our way back, we'll simply wing it and go day by day. Starting this June 10th, you'll be able to follow our adventure through our travel diary that will be publish here with all of its highs and lows, our highlights, places to avoid and practical tips to help you avoid killing each other. Till then, you'll be able to read articles about our preparation for that epic journey  since ,yes, it takes a lot of planning and even more when you have three young kids tagging along (a solid 2-3 months of planning is mandatory!)


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