Camille is finally back from her trip after two weeks of absence. I started to feel excited to be once again reunited with my friend/boss/swimming coach/confidante. It's crazy how when you find that one true friend, we can see how a short amount of time apart may feel like a billion years. Did you notice you have way more to say to that one friend whom you see everyday than someone whom you rarely see? When you truly share your routine with someone, each detail of your day counts, we tell each other everything and we always have something to add just for the sake of commenting, pertinent or not. 

Today's looks are a bit 70s inspired as you can see with the paisley pattern, pastel colours without forgetting the brown suede skirt which I'm wearing! We love this slick and loose type of blouse which is so easy to wear once the mercury hits above the 25 degree mark. Won't you agree? You simply need to roll up the sleeves and pair the latter with trousers or a skirt in the same colour's tone or in a style that will fit in order to obtain a well put-together look that'll look effortlessly chic. It's crazy how a pattern can give a whole new dimension to a look. I love plain simple pieces, but I have the feeling that having that one pattern can make a whole difference and make this outfit one to remember. 

_DSC3261 _DSC3310 _DSC3236

We're wearing:

Tops: B.Young

Jeans Camille: Fierce&Rebel

Skirt Viv: Vintage

Bracelets: R2 Collections

Cam's sandals: L'Intervalle

Viv's espadrilles: Lolë

MUA: Glambar Mtl

Photos by: Vikki Snyder

Location: Le Castelnau

_DSC3290 _DSC3343 _DSC3335

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