Since last summer, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a crazy project with my friend Jennifer Masabni, designer and founder of the Montreal brand Masabni. Indeed, I drew a dress for her (which you can read right HERE)! I still remember our first meeting where I used to work on sketches, the second I gave my final drawing ( you can see  them HERE ), my third visit where she came by with samples and the list goes on. Then, the joy to finally show you the final dress and to announce the latter is officially available to purchase. Yes, you can buy the dress RIGHT HERE and there are VERY FEW of them so hurry up.

But what’s about this famous dress? I wanted to created a dress that can be worn during all four seasons, summer and winter, in  a high quality fabric that is versatile, the trademark of Masabni in a way. I wanted to stay in Jennifer’s creative mindset with a little personal touch. I’ve then decided to create a dress with a skater skirt and open back. Never seen before at Masabni. Since I wanted this dress to be cute for both seasons, we hesitated between a cream of navy blue dress before settling down for cream and by then adding a blue bland on the sides. Best of both worlds!


We also didn’t want to have a simple halter dress. Jennifer was very cautious in order to find the famous bling I was requesting. Yes, I wanted a jewel on the neck that will be use as a clip for the dress by saying it will look more chic and original on the outlook. Before, I wanted to go with silver, I kind of have an obsession with silver at the moment, but bronze took over and charmed me.

I not only wanted a dress that can be worn during all four seasons, but for every types of occasions, I mean going from Prom, happy hour, office dress with a cute blazer or even something you’d wear with a kimono during a Sunday afternoon brunch with your relatives… versatile to its finest!


But what we REALLY want to know… do you like the dress?


The outfit:

Dress – Masabni

Shoes – Aldo

Makeup – Jessica Branchaud-Meneses

Photos – Anais Faubert

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