I've never always been a list freak or leave post-it and notes everywhere. It only happens as the new year begins, all thanks to a book I've received as a gift where I realized that making lists help us discover oneself, explore our imagination and our creativity by making our hidden great talents see the light of day. 

That say, it all started with scribbling down daily tasks, to simply note my favourite songs and songwriters then came the good ol' motivational speeches: "You got this, you can't do it." Might sound innocuous… perhaps,but if you look into it, a handful of our desires and thoughts are revealed through these lists we make. Moreover, seeing it on paper is a complete other level. That say, there are 52 weeks in a year, 52 list that have yet come to life. What I'm suggesting here it to come along on this ride and do the same, start scribbling down your favourite books, seasons, essential pieces, all the things that speak to you.  

For the first week of 2017, that journal asked me to make a list of my goals and dreams for this year. Hold up. I truly believe this should be a personal one since we don't want to compare one another. Aim for realisitc goals that will motivate you to become the best version of yourself, that help you become that better version as much as needed. Here are a few hints.


1. Love more!

Loving my entourage daily of course, but almost make an effort to love the persons I have yet to get to know more. Or even digging deeper: learn to love the unknown, what will make me step out of my comfort zone and most importantly, don't forgetting to love oneself. This year, might as well think of ourselves as well.

2. Travel

There's no need to break my piggy bank if I'm traveling somewhere. This year, I'd like to start saving and go explore my very own country, see those incredible things Canada has to offer from coast to coast. Appreciate the outdoors since in 2017, might as well stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

3. Stop procrastinating

We all do this and why? Am I the only one who hands in a paper a few days later than the due date and feel bad all day long? There's nothing that beats the satisfaction of a good productive day and let me tell you this, that victory wine glass taste like heaven afterwards. 

4. Start yoga again

In my case, yoga was for me a stress relief, it was also the time I took to do something I liked and felt good about. If in your case, painting or listening to music is more your calling, start making a room in your schedule for this activity. 


5. Run a  (half) marathon

For 3 simple reasons. First and foremost, it will be another thing to add on my accomplishment list, because it's rewarding and it's priceless. Then, because it's simply a new challenge and pushes us to push back our limits and I have to admit that I'm truly competitive and obviously, it's in my blood.


In brief, among all the points which are in my journal, I hope to have shared with you those that shall inspire you. Through what I wrote, I spent an hour to think about myself and it wasn't displeasing. I already look forward to next week's list. Sneak-peak: we'll focus on books, movies, etc…

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