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When it comes to summer fashion, we already know the drill – light materials, bright colors, cute strappy sandals and you’re good to go. Simple, but that’s what we need in this heat, something that’s going to be practical enough, and doesn’t need ten layers to look interesting. But how do we stand out, in this sea of samey cuts and colors, how do we make a statement that shows off our character? If you’re looking to build a unique, beautiful style to suit your summer fashion, here are some tips.

Pin up bombshell ‘

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For the girl who wants to turn heads, the 50s inspired pin up style is a way to look both alluring and elegant. The hourglass silhouette is your aim, so think light, knee-length dresses cinched around your waist with a stylish belt or a wide sash. Think of the fashion icons like Sophia Loren and Ava Gardner for your inspiration, and work on that classic elegance that never gets dull. High-waisted polka dot bikinis, halter tops, A-line skirts and silken blouses will all make you look drop dead gorgeous. Wearing a corset is definitely a staple of the pin up style, so consider incorporating them into your evening wear. Hair and makeup are also a crucial part, so check out some tutorials to help you look appropriately retro.

Boho chic

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Summer doesn’t have to be all about tight shirts and tiny shorts. Loose, flowy garments that let your skin breathe are going to save your life when the temperature rises. Maxi skirts, dresses and caftans in bright colors, paisley prints and florals are something you can always rely on, and if you pair them with some cute, wooden bangles, long necklaces, or hanging earrings with feathers you’ll get that beautiful, romantic look. Flats are comfy and they’re going to complement most of your outfits, and you can give it a bit more flair with cool, round sunglasses and a colorful headband. For the beach, opt for Baku Swimwear sexy one-piece swimsuits which are very popular this year. Find something with a nice pattern and pair it with a light wrap and cute flip flops. Pick eyeshadows in soft, rosy colors or pastels and stick to a nude lip. A subtle highlight can give you that beautiful natural glow, but if you prefer to glow like a disco ball that stops the traffic, feel free. Highlighting has been very popular, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Preppy casual

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For anyone who needs outfits that are work-appropriate and stylish, preppy is the way to go. Black and white is a good color combo, and it goes well with the simple cuts and minimal prints. Monochrome is also a good style to pick, so pair the classic collared shirt with an A-line skirt and boat shoes. Since preppy style is often about layering, instead of a crew neck sweater, pair your short-sleeved shirt with a tee to give the look an edge. Form-fitting clothes like blazers will make you look elegant without trying too hard, so you can feel free to wear tailored shorts and skirts. It’s all about simple cuts that look like they were made for your body, nothing about this look needs to be overly complicated. Even the accessories can be kept minimal, so a sleek watch and a pair of small earrings are more than enough. Keep your makeup neutral, with a pop of color when picking out the lipstick.

The world of fashion is a beautiful, though tricky place. Depending on who you meet, they’ll tell you that it’s not for everyone, that only those born with almost supernatural beauty and grace can indulge in it, that the only way to stay truly stylish is to follow trends blindly. But every single word of that sentiment is entirely untrue. Fashion, at its core, is art. It’s something pure, something graceful, something that gives people a way to express themselves. When it comes to creating your own style, being fashionable doesn’t mean just copying what you see in a magazine, it means taking a trend and making it your own.  

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