The road to a life you want and deserve begins with a sound battle plan. As with any grand goal in life, whether you are looking to land the job of your dreams or buy your first home, you will need to approach your life plan with a viable strategy and a concrete timetable. This will allow you to hold yourself accountable every step of the way, and will enforce a healthy sense of urgency.

After all, the clock is ticking and the sooner you start planning, the sooner will you be able to realize your long-term goals. Here to help you build the future you deserve and live a life of comfort are the five steps to a realistic lifetime investment plan.

Understanding your long-term goals

Every plan begins with a vision. You will need to envision the future, map out your most important life achievements, and figure out which of those are realistic and attainable, and which of those need to be tailored towards your realistic capabilities. Most importantly, every goal needs to have its separate strategy that will complement other goals.

What’s more, these goals need to be structured hierarchically and be a part of a grander timetable in which every goal is achieved in a specified timeframe. For example, your goals might include finishing college, buying a car, buying a home, paying off your student loans, becoming an entrepreneur, and planning for your retirement. You can’t hope to achieve these goals all at once, but achieving one at a time and emphasizing one over the other will allow you to check them off your list as the years go by.


Building a savings plan

A sound first step towards an affluent and successful future is to create a positive money-saving habit. This is one of the most difficult habits for your younger generations to form, but it is nonetheless the foundation of long-term affluence, and it will open numerous doors towards lucrative prospects in the near future.

After all, life is a series of investments, and you need to have something to invest in order to achieve your goals. You can open up a savings account towards any one of your objectives, but some will prove more important than others. One of them is saving for your retirement early on.


Securing your retirement early

The key to living out your silver years in health and happiness is to retain your independence and pay for all medical and private care expenses you might need. In order to achieve this, you should start thinking about retirement right now. Open up a retirement savings account or better yet, get comprehensive life insurance you can contribute towards on a monthly basis.

Over the course of years and decades, this fund could build up to cover comprehensive aged care support services should you need them while you’re waiting for a home care package, and support the lifestyle you’re accustomed to, allowing you to enjoy your latter years without putting any financial or emotional burden on your family members. Remember, taking care of your retirement while you’re young is the key to long-term success, as it’s just another cumbersome task you’ve scratched off the list!


Building your investment plan

As we’ve mentioned earlier, life is a series of investments into the future. Now that you have mapped out your life’s goals and have secured your retirement, you can focus on reallocating resources towards your immediate goals. These also require an investment plan.

For example, if you are looking to become a homeowner, you should build a property investment strategy that will allow you to pay off your mortgage and prevent debt from falling on the shoulders your children and family members. Keeping a clear record of your finances and maintaining a positive credit score will go a long way towards a sizable loan with minimal collateral and interest.


Minimizing expenses and debt

On a final note, it’s important to remember that long-term affluence is built on the foundation financial savings and minimal monetary expenses. This doesn’t mean that you should assume a frugal lifestyle, but it does mean that you need to track and manage your finances every step of the way in order to discover opportunities where you can reduce your operating costs.

Much like in a business, reducing operating costs will allow you to preserve cash flow and reinvest money in achieving grander goals later in life. With that in mind, always look for ways to minimize your expenses and debt in order to achieve the desired ROI.

Every goal in life needs a plan based on facts and projections, and not just wishful thinking. By following these essential rules of saving, planning, and investing, you will have a much more realistic chance of building the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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