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Whether or not we wear them frequently, chances are we all own jewelry. Minimalist, traditionalist or avant-garde… there’s something for everyone. Lately, I’ve been favouring minimalist jewelry; however, I wore pretty much every style when I was a teenager, which probably explains why I’ve amassed quite the collection! I simply can’t bear to part with any of them. Given my love of jewelry, and my desire to support the local economy, here are seven Québec based brands you really need to get to know (if you don’t already)!

Fay with Love

A few years ago, my friends and I were seriously hooked on bracelets by Fay with Love. We all own quite a few given that we would often buy them as gifts for each other. Nowadays, I don’t buy their jewelry as much as I used to but I still find them every bit as beautiful as ever. Fay with Love jewelry continues to be a great gift idea! Each of my bracelets holds a special significance for me. If you’ve been looking for something special to give to your bestie, look no further!

Bijoux Jewelry bracelets Fay with love

Source : Fay with love


Well Dunn

I discovered this company a few days ago when I was at the Montréal Fashion and Design Festival, and I was instantly seduced. Well Dunn offers unique jewelry and their booth at the festival was sublime. The quality of their creations is exceptional; making them a definite YES! in my book. Psst: check out their website… it’s every bit as gorgeous as their jewelry!

Bijoux jewelry Source : WellDunn


I love the minimalist styles of PRYSM jewelry with its clean lines and architectural designs. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been drawn to minimalist accessories and that’s one area in which PRSYM definitely delivers! Their creations are both delicate and very elegant. LOVE!

PRYSM bijoux jewelrySource : PRYSM


Maksym is another brand that creates jewelry that’s beautiful in its delicateness and simplicity. However, what really makes them stand out are the small details found in every piece. Their new autumn/winter 2017-18 collection in sterling silver is available now on their website. Take a look!

Source : Maksym

Horace Jewelry

This is a company that caters to both men and women. Their jewelry is handmade right here in Québec. But what really sets Horace Jewelry apart is the distinctive manner in which they combine various materials. Their jewelry is beautiful and very affordable (gotta like that).

bijoux jewelrySource : Horace Jewelry

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