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Today, we're talking about dresses, alright? Are you ready? Ready, set, GO!

Well, I won't tell you something you don't already know by confirming how a cute little dress can be a perfect summer outfit! If you want to put something on and quick in the morning… a dress will instantly become your best friend. You want to feel cute on a date night with your man while dining on a terrace? Opt for a summer dress! You wish to feel empowered… a dress can go a long way. Plus if during those mornings you mistake your mirror to your neighbor's well in the end it'll remind you how him wearing a dress isn't his cup of tea!

That say, to celebrate summer's arrival, I've decided to give you my top 5 of summer dresses to try this hot season!

1- Denim dress

I bought mine last spring and it was love at first sight! These types of dresses are made to be worn all year round… and even if the latter will go out of style in the future, rest assured I'll wear mine anyways! Screw the fashion rules!

A must-have in terms of dresses is  Asos ! Here are two denim dresses that are too cute to miss: 

image1xxl image2xxl

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image3xxl image2xxl-1

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2- Romantic-chic from  Dynamite

Have you seen their new full flower power collection from our dear and beloved Dynamite recently? I want them ASAP! I've been trying to save money, like real, real hard… well, that went down the drain. But it's THE TREND to sport this summer. Word of the day ladies and gentlemen: floral, romance, pastel and start-saving-money-another-time-since-boutiques-are-making-you-spoil-yourself-cause-you're-a-goddamn-queen-and-you-deserve-a-treat! Here are my two favourite dresses from their most recent collection:

100018271_280_1000x728 100018271_280_alt3_1000x728

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100018262_530_1000x728 100018262_530_alt4_1000x728

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3- Lacy dress (OMG alert)

Have you ever heard of  Vestibule ? Marilou's favourite place (we love her, if you don't know who Marilou is, check out Trois fois par jour). Well as for dresses, the boutique has a great (way too great) selection. If you're looking for a lace detailed dress in a cream colour, well let me tell you that choices aren't what's missing. And yeah, the dress shown below made my heart skipped a beat. 


lucia-dress-robe-lucia-add-2-512px-960px lucia-dress-robe-lucia-add-1-512px-960px

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4- Striped dress

I'm a big sucker for stripes and what a surprise, they are super in at the moment. I'm showing you a cute striped dress that will become a must-have this season. You can get yours pretty much ANYWHERE, but this particular one caught my attention. All hail boutiques presenting independent/local fashion designers; this cute dress comes from  Unicorn and the latter is perfection.

Amanda_Moss_-_Courcelle_Dress_grande AMANDA_MOSS_Courcelle_grande

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5- LBD perfect for a cocktail party

Let's just be real here for a sec: a cute-sexy little black dress is undoubtedly a MUST-HAVE in any girl's closet. So I've said it, and I found mine at Simons. I mean, this badboy will become your best friend during happy hour! Believe me. #FriendsForEver


A2_1 A1_1

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A little bonus ? Sure!

Besides these dresses listed above, you'll need accessories to complete your look. Here's then my accessory list that'll fit any of these styles. 

A cute pair of sunglasses:

This summer you'll need a vintage pair in an aviator style! Here are two perfect models to finish your look. PS: Run to Aldo, they have tons of them -it's almost embarrassing.



Source :


Source :


Source :



If there's a type of necklace to wear this summer is without a doubt the famous choker! I personally fell in love with this particular one from  Jane&Rey. I mean, when you're buying a choker, might as well opt for a cream colour, am I right?


Source :


Source :


Shoeporn please:

This summer, lace up your booties and go strut down the streets like Beyoncé. Once again, if you're looking for a great place to get your next pair of strappy sandals, run to Aldo! I've put two models who are easy on the eye. 

For the girl who's going out with her squad: 


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For those who are like me and don't go out anymore :


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On that note, I'm wishing you all an amazing summer!!! (We can now say it, Mother Nature has finally granted us our most heartfelt wish!) So now, VAMOS A LA PLAYA and asap!

* On a more sentimental note: I should never have written this article… I spent my time browsing on the web in order to stay updated in terms of recent fashion trends… End result? I don't have a penny left and I shall eat cereals till the end of this month. Bye!

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