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Over the past few years, looking natural has become a big hit and has manifested itself among the afro-american community. Known personalities such as Solange Knowles, Janelle Monae and closer to home, singer Marième, are proudly showing off their afro hairstyle. I also proudly wear my hair au natural but this has become a new thing for me, it has not always been the case. I spent a great part of my life straightening my hair or wear hair extensions. Inspired by a cousin of mine (helloooo Kennie!) and encouraged by my loved ones, I’ve decided to make piece with my curls and frizz. An investment that paid off, but still takes time and lots of patience. I would be lying if I were to tell you that I’ve never, on many occasions, wanted to throw my brush away or set in on fire. 4 years later, I’m more than happy to have taken that decision of not tossing the brush away.

I’m now sharing with you my 5 favorite Instagram accounts led by women who rock the natural hair look and whom inspire me everyday in their own ways. Perfect combination between fashion, beauty and curly hair. Long live the curls!

Nikisha, instagram, affro, cheveux, naturels, beauté

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Nikisha, beauté, cheveux, instagram, affro, naturel

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Nikisha Brunson is an American blogger where her Instagram account will charm clean photo esthetic enthusiasts. Her curly hair is beyond perfect and I dream of the day where I shall own a closet similar to hers.

naptural, affro, cheveux, naturel, beauté

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Whitney is your got to go in order to inform yourself about natural hair. Each time I feel I’m in a dead end and I have a hard time to manage my rebellious curls, I simply go on her YouTube channel and shower myself in her knowledge. I can’t wait for the day to come where my hair will be as long as hers. Amongst bloggers I follow daily, she is my hair-sister. My hair is very similar to hers.

andrea lewis, instagram, affro, naturel, cheveux

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Hazel, Degrassi nouvelle génération, actrice, instagram, télé-série, adolescente

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She seems very familiar and that’s because her and I are almost of the same age. Andrea Lewis is an actress who portrayed Hazel in the iconic Degrassi TV show. She is now an accomplished woman, singer, actress and producer, she won’t stop surprising us. Her account is colorful, bustling with life and promotes positivism and her hairstyle is breathtaking.

thatartista, instagram, affro, style, naturel. cheveux

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Philece R is an artist and graphic designer. She always wears an astonishing outfit and her best accessory? Her curly afro which compliments her on-point outfits.

heyfranhey, instagram, affro, cheveux, naturel, monochrome, noir, jumpsuit

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Francheska is the Hippie Chic queen with a little added grunge touch. She uses a holistic and natural approach beauty wise. Her message is a positive one and advocates the respect of oneself and others. Her hair looks amazing and resplendence with health.

And what about you? Do you try to keep your hair au natural?

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