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Recently, I decided at the very last minute the time had come to pay a visit to a girlfriend of mine. You know what they say about spontaneous trips? Nothing can beat them, and boy did I have a blast. A bonus here is the fact that my friend knows Toronto like the back of her hand and knows my style and places I’d love to go to. My 36 hours spent in Canada’s biggest city were definitely perfect and I wish I could’ve stayed longer. This only means a future trip is mandatory. In that spirit, here’s a small, yet satisfying list to do during your next visit in the 6ix, Nadia-approved.

You should note that these places are all around the SkyDome, since my friend has a very nice condo in the area. If you wish to check other places, feel free to read about my previous stay in Toronto where I ventured on Queen West.

Friday night 11pm: enjoy a pint at Firkin on King

Or anywhere on King West to be honest. Bars are lined up one after the other, which means you’ll be faced with countless options to choose from in order to have a fun night out.  King West could be described as Toronto’s version of Montreal’s Blvd. St-Laurent.

BTW: Remember folks, last call in Ontario is around 1:45am… Don’t go out Montreal-style and arrive at the scene past midnight or else your night will be short-lived.

Saturday 11am :  brunch at Colette Grand Café

This place screams Instagram! A bit pricey, however, Colette has undoubtedly become one of my favourite restaurants whenever I come to Toronto.

Saturday 1pm : go to a Blue Jays game

From what I’ve been told, the Jays can play up to 5 times per week and don’t have a regular timetable. We were lucky enough to score tickets for the price of 20$ a piece. Baseball isn’t hockey, which means you don’t have to be a die hard fan to enjoy the game.

Don’t tell anyone, but from what I understood, 80% of the attendees enjoy the social aspect of this gathering more than the sport itself. Can’t say the same about hockey eh?

Saturday 5pm : have a BBQ with friends on a rooftop patio

Nice condo downtown, rooftop terrace offering a killer view, amazing weather… need to say more?

Saturday 11pm : party at The Addisons

I’d say this is Toronto’s newest gem in the night scene: a fusion of what we, Montrealers, would described as a crossbred between Terrasses Bonsecours, Mayfair (for the interior decor) and Village au Pied Courant (for its laid-back style and games areas on the patio).

Source: The Addison’s Facebook Page

Sunday morning : brunch at Marben

Literally two seconds away from The Addisons, Marben is first and foremost a restaurant/bar with an Instagram worthy decor, yet quite a charming brunch place during daytime. Try the avocado toast with poach eggs, tomatillo salsa, chilies, smoked sour cream with kale salad… to die for!

marben, toronto, avocado toast

All pictures were taken by me unless stated otherwise

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