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Montreal has it all, you find food on every street corner, unless you're absolutely unlucky, chances are you'll find a place that's both cute, affordable and tasty are high! Yet, it's impossible to know all great places so I've decided to share with you my 3 recent finds. 

Le Petit Banh Mi

In the heart of Rosemont, yet located on a rather quiet street, you'll find a small restaurant, where the best Asian inspired sandwiches are served in Montreal. Sandwicheries Sue opened its doors almost two years ago and since then, business is hugely successful. With good reason! The enormous banh mi (sandwiches), brochettes, salads and bubble tea are as equally tasty as one another, all made with fresh products and with love. We feel the pride of the young owner as soon as we enter the premise. There's a small counter with 4 or 5 stools so in a way it's a small diner, but you don't linger. They even do delivery in the neighborhood and offers a catering service. My favourites: caramelized pork bahn mi, imperial rolls that contain only fresh ingredients and the perfectly acidulated homemade lemonade

restaurant banhmi

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5 o’clock tea.

Did you know that at the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal there was a little piece of heave that is absolutely charming where you can drink a great cup of tea while savouring a variety of sweet and salted bite-sized treats, the whole presented in an attractive procelain dinnerwear set and an atmosphere deserving of a London inspired tearoom. The idea behind Le Parloir salon is to order a plate that contains a dozen of small bites going from caramelized duck toast macaron to scones than small smoked salmon sandwiches and to enjoy the experience by drinking a tea carefully chosen among an extensive list of aromas. Even if it's a plate to be shared and you aren't too keen on drinking tea, you can simply order something for yourself, such as a small salad, a fresh baguette with jam or other things figuring on the menu (the latter changes regularly) and a hot cup of coco. During Saturdays and Sundays, this should be your new brunch place. That say, it's a well-hidden secret our city has been keeping but you seriously need to add this place on your list. However, I would suggest you in making a reservation prior to your visit, it's that small that you risk of turning back because of the lack of tables and believe me, it'll hurt.

restaurant hightea

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Date night in Repentigny, darling?

Brand new and cute, I'm telling you that you'll be the only one in your group of friends of suggesting La Clandestine when you'll try to find a place to eat. So might as well go to some place that just opened. First and foremost, the establishment has opened only a few weeks ago which results of the chances of one of your friends already being there beforehand are quite slim. Also, it's in Repentigny! Seriously, do you go often for fun in Repentigny of all places!? Well honey, I promise you won't regret your visit at this cute French inspired brewery. There are about 50 seats, some by the bar, an open kitchen which you can seen from the dinning area, that say we can discreetly see the chef and its small team working, from young and dynamic waiters, looking adorable with their suspenders, a wine list of private import which will please all budgets a cozy ambiance perfect for a girls night out or dinner with your other half. But most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, the menu is amazing in terms of sharing plates. It's like tapas, but quite larger and yet smaller than a main dish, you'll have the opportunity to taste several things to your great delight. The duck tartare is tasty, slightly spicy but just perfect. The roasted potatoes are accompanied with snails and  blue cheese sauce are the proof of the originality and the talent of the chef, the homemade sausage is done on site by the chef himself and is presented on a brioche filled with small caramelized onions and grilled pepper. It's a great sight and truly tasty. I could go on and talk about the poutine with sweet potatoes and chorizo, but we couldn't eat anymore. Just seeing the plate from our waiter's hands going to the following table was enough for us to tell ourselves we should come back eventually. And as for dessert (on the night we went, only the sweet-salted chocolate pie was available), and I shall quote my friend on this: "It's better than having an orgasm!!!!"

Now, you simply need to convince your friends to drive a little bit outside of Montreal to discover this little gem.


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