With the type of weather we had last week, we started once again to show our legs and left our coats at home. It was as if we’ve gotten a break from fall. In fact, it was the best of both worlds: wonderful fall colors with temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius! Wow! This is what  we love about autumn, those mornings where you have a few layers knowing throughout the day you’ll be warm enough to take some of them off. Today, we are showing you an outfit post with the three of us. Why’s that? Because we are the three managing partners of our dear project called Le Cahier with Camille being the CEO. Yes, we are the three whom you may seem the most on this website, because we are practically at our offices located on Rue de Gaspé pretty much everyday, Camille and Joëlle are working their Codmorse, Camille’s advertising company, and Virginie is mostly there when comes time of handling meetings. Further more, we are all great friends, so it’s always a great pleasure to have our pictures taken together!

2014 09 26_03_10B

We have often spoken about  Meemoza over the past years whether it was on LeCahier.com or on CamilleDg.com. Since 2011, Meemoza offers to its Quebec clientele eco-friendly and feminine vintage inspired clothes all fabricated in Montreal. I know, as soon as we say eco-friendly and fashion in one sentence, it may scares some of you, but nowadays, eco-friendly and fashion is far from pieces with a patchwork design! For 2 years now, I’ve been hosted the Défilé du Grand Débarras (you can read HERE et HERE) and each times I’m so happy to see how much our local creators have inspiration and know how to create pieces whom will stand out without harming the environment. Meemoza is basically one of them. Their  fall 2014 collection is called “English Roses“, the main colors are burgundy, black, cream and navy blue. Only the classic prints will have its place: such as stripes and floral pattern. We love the “Stone Skirt” which has pockets and is available in three colors.

In fact, Meemoza is having a contest (during October 20th) on its Facebook page HERE. We are inviting you all to participate!

2014 09 26_03_072014 09 26_03_03 2014 09 26_03_01 2014 09 26_03_02B2014 09 26_03_042014 09 26_03_05B2014 09 26_03_06The photos were taken by the always talented  Michelle Gagné, with whom we’ve been working in collaboration with since this past September!

2014 09 26_03_08
2014 09 26_03_09

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