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I’ve been teasing you by saying I would write about my Halloween costume. Truth be told, I’ve been so completely out of the loop that I kind of missed the boat on that! So instead of babbling about my costume I decided to share my favourite fall and winter trends.  Because, yes, I would say fall is finally here and with the cold we had this week I can imagine winter is right around the corner.


As a kid this piece of clothing was my favourite. Guess what, it finally made its  way back into my adult closet.  What I personally love about this type of dress is that it can be worn many times without looking like you own only one piece of clothing.  I guess this doesn’t really matter to me since I have a closet as big as a department store, but It’s literally the perfect travel outfit.  I love having many styles available in my suitcase when travelling, but I know I want to do some shopping too. Maximizing my carry-on space is one of my priorities as a traveler.  Jumpers are like pants, you can wear different shirts with them every day and the style of your top will change the whole look.  Today in the articles’ pictures I matched my canvas jumper with a white turtle neck.  It could also have easily been worn with a blouse.  Nowadays, I feel like a grandmother, I am the number one fan of turtle necks.

Jumper with turtle neck

Turtle necks

The comfiest shirt out there.  I think that they are my only reason to be happy about cold weather.  I absolutely love feeling snug and comfy in them.  I prefer knit turtle necks because I love the oversized look with my leggings or jeans.  Today, I was able to show you guys a different way they can be worn.  I love how it looks very high fashion and lazy at the same time; not a lot of shirts can pull that off.  Overall, turtle necks are very much “in” this season and anybody should take advantage of that.

turtle neck knit and jumper


I am not a big jewelry person.  I usually stick to my classics, but lately I don’t know what got into me… I am obsessed with earrings.  Hoops are back in style and I am not sure how I felt about this at first, but now that I’ve found a pair I love, I can’t say I hate the trend.  I think we are back to those big but simple earring styles and we should embrace it.  I bought a few pairs, and now every day I am excited to wear my new favourite accessory.  I don’t know how I became so boring with my earrings, but now that era is over.

Hoop earings

On this note if you guys don’t own at least two out of the three items I spoke about today, a shopping spree is needed!

Pictures by: Tom Morrison.

P.S. I was dressed up as Cleopatra for halloween ;)

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