I've never set foot in Asia before 2016 which is pretty crazy to think considering I have a hectic traveling schedule, yet I've never had the opportunity to present itself in the past. Now it has come to pass and cannot wait to go back. On my travel wish list figures Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and the list goes on… I mean when you have the travel bug, I don't think there's a cure. Today, I'm bringing you along with me on this 3-day trip in Bangkok! I left Thailand on December 8th of last year by following an itinerary that Marc, my boyfriend, and I have carefully thought off before our departure: 3 weeks packed with activities that will ensure us to not miss anything this wonderful country has to offer.

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That say, after 24 hours of flying with 3 flights a connection in Toronto and in China, we have finally landed and arrived in the middle of the night in Thailand's capital, exhausted. Our trip kicked off with a rocky start: our airline lost both of our backpacks due to a stopover that was indeed too short. We then left the airport in direction to our hostel with only our small carry on luggage. With luck, Marc and I always come in prepare and were able to survive without our luggage with what we had for at least a solid 24 hours. I mean at that point, we didn't really care since all we wanted to do is to get a good night sleep in a comfy bed. We made our way to Kaho San Road, where our hostel is located. Might as well warn you guys, if you wish to get accommodations on this street, be ready to endure noise 24/7: perfect part of town to party at any time of the day and night so if you wish to relax… I'd avoid it. Yet for us, we didn't care. 

However, making mistakes is in one's nature and we unfortunately booked our stay on the wrong date. Since we landed at midnight, it was rather confusing. That say, upon our arrival, we didn't have a room and the hostel was fully booked. We then had to spend our first night without luggage and in the lobby sleeping on the couch. We laugh about it now which is great news. 


We decided on the following morning to not let ourselves down since we didn't have our luggage: we decided to visit Bangkok's Royal Palace. Small tip: go early in order to avoid crowds. Ensure your clothes cover your knees, shoulders and that you're decently dressed. If you get there around noon, it will be packed with tourists. Bring water considering the sun's rays are pretty darn intense. Moreover, you'll have to take off your shoes several times, don't bring some that take forever to put on and off… it's those little things in life.

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Initially, we were staying in Bangkok for only two days, however, since we haven't had our luggage yet, we extended our stay and here's what we did to kill time. Naturally, we can't visit Bangkok without seeing Chao Phraya. Marc and I decided to hop on an one-hour cruise on the river that allowed us to see the city from another angle. From the river, one can see the Great Palace, a shipyard and Wat Arun. 

After two days and still no luggage in sight (we were getting tired of wearing the same clothes, underwear included), we decided to go shopping by making our way to Bangkok's biggest shopping malls. Because yes, they are humongous. In Thailand's capital, one can find boutiques for any budgets: you can find both street markets and high end boutiques. Simply going to the district home to shopping centers is alone impressive: a crossroad between New York's craziness lost in Asia and a melting pot of tourists from all over the world. We were fortunately able to find new underwear, basic things to survive before we would once again be reunited with our belongings after 72 hours of separation. THANK THE LORD: I didn't want to re-buy everything even if I had insurance. That say, once we had our luggage, we were on our way to Chiang Mai. 

There a tons of things to do in Bangkok, but with those few activities we were able to do, we were able to understand the city's lifestyle. It's crazy because in those following 3 weeks, we haven't lived the same urban life vibe. Bangkok is truly unique and what a wonderful country Thailand is….

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