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I often dream about a Quebec with beaches, those you could found on any paradisiac islands from Australia, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the list goes on. I am, like many of my peers, a sucker for those sandy areas, the ocean and the salty air… I mean, I'd love to hit the beach as much as possible, but since I can't go whenever my heart desires, once that moment comes, it's truly delectable. The beach has also become a location for any fashionista to show  off their style to the expanse of comfort. I'd rather be comfortable and wear practical clothes that breathe. Plus they can be cute to look at too. Because no, it's not better to wear a bathing suit paired with jeans short. Those shorts get wet and that isn't fun. That say, I've then prepared my top 5 of what, according to my humble opinion, would be seen on the beach as of summer 2016.

1- Oversize tank top 

A loo tee, even at times two sizes too large, is definitely a key item for your beachwear closet. They're often long enough to wear over your bathing suit and perfect to be paired with shorts.



2- Loose fitted shorts

Like mentioned above, I'm not a big fan of jean short. I'd rather wear the latter in a light fabric that is often loose fitted.

2016-02-13 (2)


3- T-shirt dress

This is the utopia of comfort. MY must-have item. A piece that fits for any type of occasion, and that looks like a huge giant t-shirt: Love it!



4- Bathing suit

Obviously, you can't go at the beach without that beloved piece of clothing. 



5- Kimono

Kimonos as well will figure on my must-have summer items. It can be worn as much to the beach than in the city. You can wear the latter whenever you've caught a sunburn on your shoulders, to go for a walk and wish to have an extra layer. They are light as feather, believe me, if you don't own one by now, now's the time to hit the shopping center.



Bonus : I'm not seeing round towels hitting the beach, for picnics and even for all kinds of other activities. I have a huge crush for The Beach People, I find the brand to be totally incredible. Unfortunately The Beach People offers towels that aren't budget friendly, but splurging once in awhile never killed nobody. 



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