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First and foremost, YAYYYYYY LEO FINALLY WON FOR  BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE!!! Congratulations! Now that it has been said, into serious matters, meaning let's talk about the ever so glamorous red carpet. All actresses were dressed to the nines and some more than others threw me off my chair. Here are some of my favorite and others that I wasn't truly on board with. Let me know what you think or if forgot someone. If you don't agree with my choices, sorry to disappoint. 

The Best Dresses

Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney

This flashy orange is beyond marvelous. At first I wasn't too sure about it since we've more than enough seen one-strap dresses on red carpets. However, that mid-cape effect is sublime and the bracelet completes the look perfectly. 

Source: NY Times

Naomi Watts in Armani Privé

Ms Watts looked like a mermaid in her blue and purple sequin gown. Yet, the cut is simple but suited her body like a glove. And what can I say about those colors? She looks like a goddess. Plus the size of that necklace was just enough for the whole outlook. 

Source: L'Express

Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Once again we see Rooney in white and her dress suits her perfectly. Her look is indeed romantic but with that cut-out detail at the legs, there's that modern touch to balance the whole ensemble. 

Source: L'Express

Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier

This emerald color looks amazing on her and I love the neckline. Even if the dress was indeed sexy, the naked back won me over. 

Source: L'Express

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell

Gaga knows how to make an entrance on the red carpet. However this time, she looked like she fell straight down from heaven in this all-white jumper dress. 

Source: L'Express

Priyanka Chopra in Zuhair Murad

I really fell in love with this über feminine dress with its floral embroidery. I'd gladly borrow it for my own wedding! 

The Not So Much

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

First of all, I love her new hair color! Her hair looks amazing and J. Law always looks flawless on the red carpet that I truly wished she was my BFF (sorry Cam!) However, I'm not a big fan of her dress. I mean, I would have loved to see her in something edgier or a bit more modern. I'm getting fed up of lace. It ages her. 

Source: L'Express

The Worst Dresses

Olivia Wilde in Valentino

I'm sure many of you won't agree, but I just can't deal with the abundance of details here going on. The wide neckline and the choker altogether is simply just too much. 

Source: L'Express

Brie Larson in Gucci

I feel like I'm looking at a prom dress. I don't like the best, nor her hairstyle nor the skirt. What a flop looks like in my book. 

Source: L'Express

Sofia Vergara in Marchesa

There's way too much going on here, meaning, what too much fabric. 

Source: L'Express

Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren

Even if the complicity between her and our beloved Leo runs high, I can't fathom why she chose to wear this. There's nothing special and the cut simply a doesn't suit her body. 

Source: L'Express

Kerry Washington

Honestly, what's the deal with the leather top and the not so centered straps paired with a loose skirt. It doesn't work. 

Source: Public

Heidi Klum

I seriously can't understand why she decided to wear this. I mean, at this point, there's no need to say more why this dress found itself into her worst dresses category. 

Source: E! 

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