Nothing beats getting together with your girlfriends to have fun, break from routine, and do a little gossiping! I consider myself very lucky because despite our schedules, the distance between us, the imminent arrival of a newborn, and the demands of motherhood (it wasn’t so long ago that our main topic of conversation was about choosing which bar to try on Friday!), we still manage to find time to get together. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! However, we keep doing the same things for lack of a better idea: lunch at a restaurant, afternoon shopping, or meeting up at a café. I LOVE coming up with original alternatives and figured you might be interested in reading about some of them today. There’s something for everyone, for all hours of the day, and for every budget. Try one on your next girls’ night out!


Bigoudis et martini

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Bigoudis et martini offers in-home beauty treatments and services for a girls’ night in, be it upbeat or laid-back. Workshops on hairstyling and makeup application will make your evening memorable. A variety of packages are available.

Boutique La petite robe noire

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Back to a classic but with a twist! You and the girls are dying to try a new bar and you want to look your best? No need to shop for a new outfit… try renting one instead! Book an appointment at La petite robe noire boutique where you’ll find a wide assortment of clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags, all of which are available to rent and at very reasonable prices. It’s a modern ecological option and we love it!

Manicure & Pedicure

How about a mani-pedi! Spend an afternoon relaxing and catching up with your girlfriends as you give yourselves a mani-pedi! You’ll feel great and look great!

Photo Session

Group pics taken by a professional? A timeless memory? Lovee it! Simply pick your concept, outfits, and decor. Treat yourselves to this little luxury and have fun with it… I guarantee you’ll love it.


Go to a spa

Grab your dressing gown and swimsuit; you won’t need much else to relax in a whirlpool with your girlfriends as you catch up on all the latest gossip. Enjoy a little pampering at one of Québec’s Spa Relais Santé certified spas! My personal favourite is the Balnéa spa, especially during the summer months when you can enjoy the lake and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambience. Enjoy!

Tea time

Forget cocktail hour, tea time is where it’s at! Enjoy sipping a cuppa at a grand hall such as Birks or the Ritz Carlton, or discover the world of tea with an organized visit to the charming Camellia Sinensis Tea House in Montréal or Québec City. I also highly recommend the Cardinal Tea Room where you can sample delicious English fare in an exquisite decor.

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Cooking classes

Sign up for a cooking class with your girlfriends. For example, learn how to prepare Indian or Thai dishes, make sushi, or cook fish to perfection. The Académie Culinaire, located in Montréal, Laval and Québec City, offers a wonderful selection of workshops. If you do a little research, you’re sure to find a number of institutions that offer cooking classes at different price points, depending upon the location. Get chopping!

Home chef

Enjoy the comforts of home and the pleasure of a savoury meal without having to set foot in the kitchen. Many chefs will prepare a meal in your home. The price for their services varies depending upon the number and selection of courses to be served. Who can say no to an evening chatting with friends, wineglass in hand, as you enjoy a five-star meal!

A champagne tasting class!

Yes, you read that right… a champagne tasting class! A glass of bubbly always makes me happy. I recently discovered wine, porto and champagne tasting classes at Brossard’s Club Dix30. Although more costly than some of the other activities I’ve suggested, these tasting classes, offered over a three-hour span, include a sampling of tapas and information from knowledgeable experts on the grape varietals used in the creation of champagne. Tickle your taste buds with 4 private import champagnes!

Léché desserts des lieux

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Set a date with your girlfriends for a visit to Montréal’s Léché Desserts. Prepare a dish together based upon a menu tailor-made just for you. Making and decorating your own old fashioned doughnuts is an absolute must! Among the many flavours available, you’ll find peanut butter and jam, mexican hot chocolate, cheesecake, and vegan lime coconut. Léché Desserts’ mission is to support, educate, and promote women in Montréal’s flourishing culinary industry. Discover for yourselves the many charms of Léché Desserts!


Au coin de la rue workshops

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Arts and crafts lovers can enjoy the warm ambience of l’Atelier au coin de la rue Tuesdays to Sundays. Choose a workshop and you’ll be provided with all of the materials and guidance necessary to accomplish your DIY project as you enjoy a cup of tea. I made a wonderful dream catcher during my last visit. Worth noting, new projects are offered every month and the boutique is filled to the brim with merchandise that’s 100% Québec-made!



Nothing is more gratifying than volunteering! Get together with a few girlfriends and volunteer your time to a cause that’s near and dear to your hearts. Organizations everywhere will be more than happy with your contribution.


Attend the filming of a TV show

Here’s an activity that’s not only fun, it’s also free! Public cible is always on the lookout for potential audience members for their various film sets. Yes, you can be on TV!

So, what activities would you have added to my list?

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