I was tired, a bit discouraged and I was leaving in month to carry out a dream of mine: to study a semester abroad. I was ready, except for dating. I even stopped a months long relationship prior to my trip since I didn't want to get attached and leave my hometown with a heart shattered in a million pieces. I told my friends I wanted to go abroad as a single young woman, in order to not feel the guilt and enjoy my life to the fullest. I mean, what was bound to happen happened: I met someone! You know, when you know it's not the good time! Well yeah, it happened. Besides, when he asked me to go for a cup of coffee, I could've said no. And our coffee date turned up to last 4 hours. And already the next day we were at our second date. 

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Let me tell you the tale, just to tell you how the date you've been hoping for for months, that amazing guy you were day-dreaming about, happened at the very same moment you were the least expecting it (I mean, it's real!) In my case, I didn't expect much, I thought I'd get back in a relationship only after I was back from my trip. And obviously, I surprised myself because a few months prior, I promised myself to not get attached to anyone. Against all odds and without actually noticing it, I met someone and we went on a first date, then a second one, and a third one. 

Ok and? 

Bottom line, it was the WORST moment to meet someone since I would only be there for a mere 5 months. For a reason that is still yet unknown to me, I still dated this guy during my last month abroad. Feelings got involved, like a 16 year old girl who's fallen deeply in love and then leave to Thailand. Crazy eh? Maybe, but what was the worst that could happen? That it'd hurt, that I'd feel lonely once I'm in Thailand, that he'd forget about me, that me or him would meet someone quickly or that I felt stuck. 

Well, too bad. I decided that at this point, it was worth the pain and at least, my last month would be an amazing one and still in the honeymoon phase. We had amazing dates (I mean, I'm a date genius with all those ideas). Two months later, we're still talking, we're still as happy as before to tell our travel stories and we're crazy over the idea of seeing each other again. Because yes, after I come back, I truly hope so of seeing him again.


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Final word?

Bottom line of this story is this. When it's time, it's time. You need to let things work their own way and not decide when the moment is right, life will take care of that. That also mean you should be looking for Prince Charming at every corner of the street, but don't avoid him or call him 2 years after you've gotten your Bachelor degree. That say, I'll just tell you to keep an open mind. Be open to meeting new people, to adventure and have fun. 

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