As one of our contributors, Maude, gracefully puts it: "It's as if when you're clearing out snow from your car, making a path so that you can parallel park in on a hill makes me orgasm."

And I get her. I love winter as much as a cat being thrown in a tub filled with water. My appreciation of this season hasn't improved since I moved to the city and make the daily commute by public transit. For the love of god, I'm asking you to acknowledge the following, which are 10 things you shall avoid on doing at all cost when taking the public transit in winter. It will instantly brighten my day and reduce risks from me voluntarily spilling my coffee on your Canada Goose jacket or even on your Michael Kors purse. 


  1. Your calcium-infested boots don't deserve their own seat. Never. 
  2. Coats don't help at all in giving us an indication if you're pregnant with a boy, girl, twins or a burger. Still, offer your seat. 
  3. If you're paying for your ticket with loose change, I mean come on… make sure you have the right amount before boarding. It sucks ball having to wait outside at -25, so be a good lad, have it ready. 
  4. If you're sick and wipe the snot with your mitts, for f*ck's sake, don't you dare use that same one to hold on the pole. 
  5. A pole isn't a wall, meaning don't lean your entire body on the latter. I mean, you do you honey but if I have to hold on to your scarf and choke the life out of you whenever the metro breaks without warning, well it's not my problem. You've been warned.

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  1. It's already bad as it is to have to put down your bag between your feet in order to make room and obviously by doing so, your bag becomes humid and has a layer of salt. There's no need to step on it become your pushing people to find a spot even though the bus is jam-packed as it is. 
  2. Let's just say that your facing the doors, might as well take a look behind whenever those doors open. There'll always be someone who'll want to get off and if you're blocking the way, well you're just plain annoying. 
  3. Being in the metro when the heating on is just as dreadful as talking to your drunken aunt during a Christmas party as it sounds. If you're taking off your coat, tuque, scarf, mittens and your snow pants, don't take people for coat racks.
  4. There's no point in staying at the front of the bus if the latter is crowded. It's rare I'd say this but once you're in, go as deep as possible. Thanks. 
  5. You should able to say "thank you" and "have a great day" to the driver who's spending his or her day stuck in those poorly maintained streets of Montreal during a snowstorm which allows you to avoid freezing to death outside or walking for 15 minutes to the nearest metro station.

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