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My next purchase, in terms of shoes will certainly be little black leather booties (that sits a bit higher than the ankles). They're versatile, simple, chic and yet can look casual and everybody loves that. I love them regardless the current season. Well, maybe not during winter with how snow storms and slush with salt, but during fall, spring and summer, this style is perfect! I've decided to find (and to find for myself) 4 looks on how to wear leather black booties with great style.

I hereby present you the booties. Those I was looking for, were made in leather in black that goes a little bit higher than the ankle, yet lower than mid-calf. You're following? Well, I think I've found them at Zara! They aren't too expensive either! You deserve to spoil yourself girl! 

Leather booties (89.90$ CAD) – ZARA bottines noires

Source: ZARA


Style #1:

The style I love. Boyfriend jeans or even with mom jeans with an oversized white top. We're going for the baggy type here, the easy option would be to borrow your brother's  worn t-shirt and simply don't mention the borrowing since he'll clearly never notice. I speak from experience here. Then, in order to make that oversized t-shirt sexy, simply wear a bralette under. If the top isn't totally opaque, you can wear a black bralette since we'll be able to see the latter a bit without being too over exposed. Or else, go totally braless! It's beautiful and if the t-shirt is that loose, it won't show that much (unless you wear a DD bra size…)

jean tshirt

Source: media

Also an oversized sweater for those colder nights would be cute too.

boyfriend jeans

Source: media


Style #2 :

With a dress! I love how booties like these can be worn in summertime. I find how mixing it throughout seasons gives a more researched look and gives an interesting look. For example, Hailey Baldwin's look is perfect.

hailey style dress boots

Source: media


For fall (when the mercury will drop a bit), you can also wear a more skin covered dress. One of my favourites is this featured dress below that comes from Aritzia that is conservative with a high neck (a bit in the same trend category as chokers) yet super sexy with its open back. 

aritzia look robe

Source: Aritzia

Or else, for a more boyish look, I'd suggest you to get this white dress. The latter can be a dress worn over a simple top like featured on the picture below. It's in fact very trendy currently to wear a top under your dress.

robe blanche

Source: Topshop


Style #3 :

Our third style is yet again a play in contrast. Well with our booties, we wear jeans shorts and a long vest. I love this look for the shorts' length and how it contrasts with the length of the tunic that looks pretty summer and yet the latter contrasts with our booties since they remind me of a much colder season than summertime. 

jean shorts

Source: shopstyleceleb


tunique longue

Source: Bershka


Style #4 : 

And our final look: All Black. I love wearing an all-black outfit. Honestly I feel fashion forward even if this concept hasn't been born yesterday. When you wear an all-black outfit, you can rest assured that you won't commit a fashion faux pas. And I've found the perfect look on Pinterest. Leather shorts, a hat, a black sweater (opt for a soft fabric, just because) and black nylons. The latter will add that little edgyness touch and this will be your go-to outfit this autumn, believe me. 

all black

Source: media


So there you have it. Here are four looks I love and I'm sure that soon, I'll go get myself those cute booties at Zara. What about you?


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