A new year begins! Already, since several weeks I've been seeing articles, Facebook status, Instagram posts and other individuals explaining their 2017 resolutions and most of them show how losing weight is a priority this year. Each time I just want to scream at them: No, it shouldn't be about weight loss but more about fitness training." Oh well. Who am I to introduce myself in their New Years resolutions? I then decided to write articles about easy workouts instead of getting angry for nothing, those exercise can be done at home. Today we're using a staircase as your fitness tool! Stairs are indeed a great place to easily do a few physical exercise  and today I'm presenting you 5 of them accompanied by GIF in order to show you the movements. 

1. Jump two steps with both feet (25 times) 

Jump and jump again without stopping. Don't forget to concentrate on not falling or missing a step! You'll rapidly see an increase in your heart rhythm!


2. Running up and down the stairs

When I swam for a team, I hated this type of physical exercise. I thought it seemed harsh and always had the feeling of falling when I'd run down the flight of stairs. It never occurred, and to be honest, it really does help cardio-wise. Just do it for a quick 5 minutes. 




3. Go up from the side

We're running here but in a different way. It's that simple, go up the staircase sideways and repeat the exercise for 5 minutes.


4. Push ups with your feet up

Pretty simple, still remains doing push ups and go to your own pace. 


5. Let your triceps shine

Who doesn't like strong and steady arms?


And to conclude, I love working out in style! Here are a few pictures of today's look wearing Hyba:

_DSC2039 _DSC2068 _DSC2135

I'm wearing:

Clothes – Hyba
Sneakers – Reebok
Photos – Vikki Snyder


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