It doesn’t matter how long the two of you have been together when your significant other proposes, your head will be spinning and you’ll be so happy that you’ll barely be able to stand. Even though you may already have a couple of ideas for your dream wedding, those ideas are probably vague and need more specific guidelines. To help you make your dreams come true, we give you a brief list of wedding and engagement essentials that you’ll love.

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Engagement party

Throwing an engagement party is a great way to celebrate without having to worry about dozens of details that you will probably have to deal with during your wedding planning. If you and your parents live in different cities, you can even throw two engagement parties: a casual one for all your friends, and a more formal one for family and relatives. You can send out personalized engagement invitations and make a simple dinner where the two of you will be the stars and having a good time. Nice music, great food, and people you love around you – is there anything better?

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Bachelorette party

Unlike the engagement party and the wedding reception, which are both (usually) formal, a bachelorette party is a chance for you to ‘get wild’ and party for hours with your dearest and best friends. Depending on what you like, you can have a simple spa day with your girlfriends, where you’ll sip mimosas and gossip in bathrobes until you get tipsy, or you can go on and have the wildest party – strippers, tutus, and feather boas included. As long as you make sure that all your friends know what you want and especially what you don’t want, things will be under control and you will spend a wonderful day with your dearest friends.

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Wedding preparations

Having a perfect wedding where everything looks so lovely and simple is never easy. Planning even the simplest event requires a lot of work, so we suggest you start planning in advance. Even if you’re not so keen on spending hours on the phone, arranging catering, drinks, music, and flowers, you might be surprised to discover your own talents: what if you discover that you actually enjoy planning your wedding? The more time you spend taking care of little things, the more you will enjoy the wedding itself. Make sure you make an extensive checklist of things that need to be done and carry a wedding folder/notebook around so you can write down ideas that pop into your head at the most unexpected moments.

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The perfect wedding

When the big day comes, you will probably be nervous and worried about things not going as you planned. Even if not everything goes according to the plan (there will always be inconveniences), this is the day when you should stop worrying and start having a good time. The essential thing to have on your wedding – is good mood! Try to relax and have fun – this is your day after all, and you don’t want the photographer to capture you frowning and rolling your eyes. Everywhere you look you will see your beloved friends and family, you’ll be savoring your favorite food and music, enjoying your perfect wedding dress and shoes, while everyone will be having a great time.

There are girls who abandon a lot of lovely ideas because they’re not sure how ‘appropriate’ and ‘traditional’ they are. If you have some unusual ideas, don’t hesitate to put them into action: wedding dress that’s not completely white, themed engagement or wedding, including sweet but unusual customs from around the world… You should always choose to do the thing that makes you happy, and make your wedding as interesting and as unique as you are.  

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