It's official, we're now in 2017! I shall take this opportunity to wish you all Happy New Year! Love, health and success in your projects, wellness and success in your studies. THAT SAY, all the good things one can wish for. It's crazy how I feel towards the beginning of the year. It's as if we'd start a new chapter, a fresh start, a whole blank page that only I can fill to the best that I can. Like in any good novels, there'll be ups and downs, triggering element, bizarre twists, happy moments, others that won't be so great… and not knowing what lies before me is what is most exciting. When I think about this past year, I realize how everything can easily change. Simply need one tiny decision, an event, an accidental one or not to turn your world upside down. The start of 2016 was for me really a difficult one, but I ended the year with a smile and confident for the one that has started just a few days ago. Hope you'll be good to me 2017.


Since it's winter, today's key item is obviously my coat. Fret not that this wasn't the one I wore to my New Year's Eve dinner at my parents'. I discovered Noize last year, when the brand offered us to choose a coat. Quickly, it's become my ally to wear during cold weathers (I have to admit last year it didn't served me too much since the weather wasn't unbearable). I was then happy to have gotten a new coat this year. My choice ent for this Sage model, in a light grey that almost has a white shade. I know what you're thinking, it will quickly end up dirty and that will cheapen the look. It is perhaps easy to dirty, but it's washable so that say bring it! It's a padded sport coat like any other ones that are offered by the brand. What stunned me the most is seeing the price tags that are indeed truly affordable. For 175$ for a good and warm winter jacket, let's say you should jump on the occasion. They are available at The Bay and Simons. 

_DSC5361 _DSC5401

I'm wearing:
Coat: Noize
Sweater: Boutique Onze
Booties: Toms
Photos: Vikki Snyder
MUA: Ann-Frédérique Tremblay

_DSC5353 _DSC5370 _DSC5419 _DSC5386

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