You probably know (or not) who I am. Which is not that bad, if you don't know who I am, it doesn't matter. You're not hurting my feelings. I'm Max, and often, I'm the one behind the lens of my phone screen. I work in the shadows, for Camille and for Codmorse.

And it was here that I put a work-related picture of all the group which was in truth, the worst picture in the whole history of mankind (moreover, our outfits were all in shades of navy blue… horrible).

That say, Virginie is currently away on a holiday in Japan. And since the show must go on, I'm the one who has the key of the castle and make sure everything goes smoothly. I'm now the boss and that say CEO of a Men's fashion blog… Kidding, I mean, you'll still see the regular posts, fret not. 

On visite des temples et des jardins, c'est serein et beau ❤️ #japan #kyoto #travel #traveling #couple #vacation #temple #japon

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Camille still has her daily articles published, and if you're following her on social medias, you probably heard that by this time, she's on a photo shoot in Los Angeles with Hyba and a few days prior she was in Dominican Republic for a press trip. I mean, she still keep in touch with me through a numeric medium, but at the office, there are no adults supervision whatsoever. 

We're not going crazy. Even if we have candies at arms' reach, nerf guns, board games and lots of energy: we still have lots to do. Even if we love to laugh and have fun, we still roll up our sleeves to make some work done before the end of the day. I think it's important for a team to be this close and have fun altogether. 

We're a small team, interns aside (no hard feelings). I mean, spending 5 days with them, you get closer to your coworkers: the latter are my buddies. If you feel I sound corny, well I guess that makes me corny then. Here a short list of all the cool things we do here at the office.

-We swap our lunch;

-Spend weekends at the cottage with the whole team;

-Play a game during our lunch break or even around 5pm;

-Share a pint on Friday;

– The no-pants day on Wednesday (which are a myth, since we always wear pants at work);

-Our playlist, which is both the best and worst playlist ever created;

-Picnics during summer;

Often, the silly things we do often blow up out of proportion and it becomes a war zone. Such as a Photoshop war. Never ending.


Please note, I've learnt how to knit between the writing of the fourth and fifth paragraph of this article.

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