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Today, I want to talk to you about a Look that suits me to a T when I’m traveling. My boyfriend and I were very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Thailand in December (details HERE). I wore relaxed boho style clothing the entire time. Perhaps it was out of a desire to forget about office-Camille; the business woman nearing her thirties. I simply wanted to be me; without fuss or muss.

One Tribe Apparel was founded by Mitchell and Fai, a couple who fell in love in the mountainous area of Pai, in Thailand, in 2013. Coincidentally, that’s where Marc (my boyfriend) and I went in December. We rented a motorcycle in Chiang Mai and made our way across the mountains leading to Pai, a town whose inhabitants are known for their “peace and love” outlook on life. It wasn’t long before Mitchell and Fai had noticed that tourists visiting the area quickly adopted the popular boho style of wide leg pants and crop tops. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find that style of clothing here. The founders of One Tribe Apparel wanted Thai fashion to be readily available worldwide.

It’s easy to fall in love with the city of Pai. It doesn’t take long to feel at home in the close knit community nestled in the heart of the mountains. It’s strange to think of a city as having a soul. Pai is a city where elephants are treasured. However, anyone visiting Thailand quickly discovers that the elephant population in general is exploited. One Tribe Apparel is determined to do their part to help save the elephants. Thus, for every item sold online, they donate $1 to the Elephant Nature Park. Their donations help to feed and heal mistreated elephants.

Whenever I wear the pants I bought from One Tribe Apparel, I think of the elephants I met in Thailand and how my purchase, in some small way, helped to make their lives a little better. Click HERE to see a beautiful pic from my Instagram account.

tribal look, camille dg

tribal look, camille dg,

tribal look

The look:

Clothing – One Tribe Apparel

Photography – Vikki Snyder

tribal look

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