Sports are an integral part of my life. When Merrell approached me a few months ago to collaborate, I was thrilled. I already have a few pairs of Merrell in my personal collection, and I am always excited to discover their new products. I was even more excited because their campaign for the summer is #NaturesGym and that is exactly what I believe in. Over the course of the last few years you have seen me try many different sports in various gyms.  I will never say that I’m against gyms, far from that, but I don’t have any memberships, I’m a girl who likes playing outside. The second it is sunny, I find it very hard to stay indoors and I can’t wait to get out of the office. I live on the Plateau Mont-Royal and those who follow me on Instagram know that I go running, often in the morning, on the mountain with my friend Sophie.


This is how, last Monday evening, I had the mandate of creating a training session for a media group and a few of my friends at Jeanne-Mance Park. 45 minutes of intense physical activity under the glaring sun with a temperature of 30 degrees… I was worried a few people might think I was trying to torture them, so I kept it short and sweet! Since I think a few of you might also want to try out the workout, here is the breakdown of the session:

Running Warm-up:

  • Running around the soccer fields while staying on the grass area of the park for about 500m to 2 km depending on physical shape.
  • Interval running: Stand in front of a row of trees, then sprint to and jog calmly back. Run to the furthest tree, but with each interval stop one tree earlier, until you have run all the intervals.
    • All of this should take about 15 minutes.

Cardio and Strength:

  • Burpees: do 10 reps, 5 seconds of pause. Then do 8 reps, 5 seconds of pause. Then 6 reps, 5 seconds of pause, then 4, 5 seconds of pause, and finally 2 reps and voilà!
  • Run stationary for 2 minutes, jumping every 10 seconds with both feet together to raise your knees.
  • Do 50 reps of abdominal exercises
    • Repeat this series of exercises 3 times. Do a different abdominal exercise each time.

Game Time :

  • Form two teams for a relay race. Run a distance of about 50 meters. 15 jumping jacks and then run back the 50 meters.
  • If you still have energy, form a circle and jump up on the spot while passing the ball around without ever catching it, only pushing it with the tip of your fingers. If you make the ball drop, you must do 20 lunges. Do this for 4 minutes, and the loser must do 20 push-ups in front of everyone.


Yesterday, for the training session, all the participants were able to test the Agility Peek Flex shoes from Merrell. They each received a pair at the beginning. My main concern: will their feet hurt? We know that when we wear a pair of shoes for the first time, our feet sometimes get blisters or are uncomfortable. Not at all. Everyone found them light and comfy. On my end, I really love these shoes for training in the park because they allow me to move just as well on grass, sand, mud, or pavement. Which means that the type of ground will never be an obstacle to my workout. I told you at the beginning of this article, I love the outdoors and I cannot wait to try these shoes out on a mountain, be it the paths on the Mont-Royal or a mountain in the eastern townships.

I am really happy to work with such a great company and having the chance to be a Merrell coach for an evening. When do we do it again?

Photos by Vikki Snyder

Shoe by Merrell (available at Sports Experts and Atmosphère)















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