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I don’t know about you guys, but when I like something, whether it’s food or a new fashion trend, I have to over-do it until I’m fed up with it. Obviously, I am not here to discuss food because I am no food blogger.  I wanted to share three trends I cannot live without this week (it may change by next week, no promises).

A lot of people, mostly type A’s, don’t have a big sense of imagination, they have other qualities that type B people like myself don’t have (it’s a fair balance I think.). Type A’s know what they like and can tell you something is pretty, but it’s not very likely that they are the ones behind it all.  For example; I mean we all have friends that dress like the Aritzia mannequin.  Is it nice? Yes. Is it innovative or imaginative? No.  They just know that if they dress like the mannequin it all works out and it’s trendy.

I have nothing against that, but it just isn’t me.  I take pleasure in making an outfit work, an outfit I put together with my imagination, gives me a sense of accomplishment.  That is why I am here today, I want to push you to think outside the box when it comes to fashion. Something may not be your style at the first glance, but anything can be molded to fit with your personal look. This is how DIY’s came about! I’m not a Pinterest fan myself, as I prefer to challenge my imagination over following instructions.

This whole bit of babbling is getting to a point, I promise.  So, this week I kept on finding baskets and wanting to purchase them for no reason, really.  I love HomeSense and all those discounted interior decor stores.  I try to find needs for things I don’t actually need.  After finding one of those items this week, I decided I could find another purpose for it.  This felt basket was calling my name, and I just couldn’t leave it there.  At first, I was thinking I could put it next to my bed underneath my night table to store books and magazines.  Then, just like that, I had the brilliant idea to transform it into a purse.  It probably attracts thieves because it’s so wide and open, which is why I decided to simply put my little purse in it and put my non-valuables on top.  Up to now I love it and I feel like a million bucks when I am “wearing” it but SHHH it only cost six dollars! Who knew six dollars could make me feel this happy!? Money well spent.  Lesson learned: I don’t need much to be happy.

DIY felt handbag

My other every day must-have, at the moment, allows me to bring to life my Audrey Hepburn obsession: It’s the silk neck scarf.  This little accessory replaces any type of necklace. It’s simple and dresses up a plain shirt.  It is also perfect for the transition season since big wool scarves are not necessary just yet.  But I am sure everybody in around you is making small talk about the weather, so let’s just leave this aside for this weeks article.  I purchased my little silk neck scarf at Winners. Even though it’s so vibrant, I have figured out ways to incorporate it into every outfit.

Silk Neck Scarf

The last trend I’ve been over obsessing over is braids.  I am trying to grow my hair out and it’s at that awkward length and I never know how to place it.  Again, I have my take on it, but I am loving the messy French braid.  It looks good, it’s easy and it keeps my hair away from my face.  I have so many flyaways (#curlyhairgirlproblems) that it always ends up messy, but it’s the kind of look that makes it okay.

Messy French Braid

I hope I was able to give you some ideas and inspire your inner type B personality.  At the end of the day being inspired by other people’s ideas or trends is fine but it’s always about making it your own.

Fall 2017 look

Photos by: Tom Morrison

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