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Every year new trends come and go. The phenomenon of trends can be hard to follow especially in a country like Canada. This part of the world gets both extremes; very cold and very hot weather. By the time we get the opportunity to re-wear our outfits they probably won’t be that cool anymore. I find that whole concept really hard because sometimes I get the chance to wear an outfit only once. For that reason, I often fall in love with the more “classic” part of each trend and enjoy my clothing for more than the two short months of summer that we encounter. The hot weather that came our way this week made me want to share with you guys the summer trends I can’t wait to rock on a daily basis. So here are five items that you should absolutely own this summer, and if I were you I would start the hunt now since June is just around the corner.

Slides, all wrapped up sandals and one strap heels.

Depending on what type of girl you are I decided to give you a few options. As a fashionista, you could also own one or many of each style of shoes (like myself). The slides are my very favourite shoe for this summer; either the furry ones for the daring girl, the simple canvas ones for the classic gal or the retro Adidas style for the sporty one. The all wrapped up sandals are another one of my go-tos and they remind me of the gladiator style everybody was rocking a couple years ago, but trust me they aren’t as much of a pain to tie. Finally, for an evening out I would suggest the simple one strap high heel sandal.

(Here is one of my favourite model of furry slides found on Nasty Gal.

The capri bootlegged pants.

I am literally in love with this style which is very fun but also sophisticated for a formal event. A lot of us, myself included, can never figure out what pair of shorts can be appropriate for a formal wear event, so this type of pant is the perfect option. While still covering the knee the wideness makes it feel airy for those hot and humid summer days. I found amazing models at Top Shop.

Tie dye.

Who would’ve known that this 1970 hippie trend would be back. Obviously, this trend is back in a modern matter by that I mean most shirts I’ve seen were pastel toned down colours. This is an absolutely perfect shirt for a clumsy girl like myself because yes, I am that girl whom always stains her clothing with the most absurd things (make up remover; check). ( I found cute tie dye items at Forever 21.

Straw accessories.

The little girl in the prairie look is in. Straw basket style purses or an oversized summer hats are your must have accessories. I love these because they can be worn with a casual outfit or can look very classy paired with formal wear (floral button up shirt). I found a cute purse at Ted Baker


One word: GEMSTONES. This classic piece of jewelry with a lovely gemstone does the trick for any outfit. Toronto has so many markets going on this summer and I am sure you will be able to find your gem. I found my gemstone necklace here

Hopefully I was able to help give you the 101 of summer 2017. Now stop browsing the web and go shopping!

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