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Recently I was told I only share beautiful things as if everything was alright and easy breezy. Here’s the truth. Yes, I wish to share inspirational quotes and just be a great role model on social media (to follow me, it’s right HERE), yet if you check my Stories, you’ll quickly notice how I’m sleep deprived and how I run like a maniac from one place no the next or even have my off days… like everybody else does!

So that say, here I am before you, ready to tell you a story. About a month ago, my associate JP, who works with my for Codmorse just had a baby with his wife Anik. Big congrats to them! I was over the moon. As any dads would do, he went on a short leave in order to enjoy the first few weeks of his newborn baby (lots of sleepless nights, and lots of baby cries but nevertheless, he enjoyed every bits of it). That say, I shall let him tell you the rest of the story, but here’s the downside though. hyba, noir, lookbook, camilledg

Paternity leave isn’t the same in all work environment. Codmorse is a boutique-agency with less than 10 employees. I see it as my extended family where we all work with one another. I love my team and my work bubble I’ve created with JP. I feel home and that’s a necessity for me. That say, I can’t count any sick day, but true we note them but in the end, we trust each other. When one is stuck home and the team is panicking a bit: we all drop what we’re doing to help each other.

Yet during these past few months, JP was on paternity leave. I won’t say I’ve never wrote to him not got in touch with him a few times. That would be a lie. But there’s was always this little voice in my head telling me I should let him be with his family and take a step back. To be honest, after 5 weeks, it took a toll on me. I was exhausted and that rarely happens. I’m known to be bursting with energy, to have tons of projects I wish to carry out and doesn’t sleep much. I mean there, all I wanted to do is take a nap, but once I got home and my to-do list was far from being done, I wasn’t able to close my eyes. It’s been ages I haven’t felt that way. Yet, an afternoon, I kid you not, I fell asleep on a couch in the middle of the office, with people talking.

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Why am I telling you this?

Because to say nothing is always perfect, or what it seems. That I was depressed. That I would cry without any reasons. BUT, I sucked it up. I told myself this was the last sprint. I sat down with my team (who has been working really hard and I can’T be more proud of them) and we succeeded. JP is back, fully recharged, our event yesterday was a success and our team has never been stronger than ever. It’s never perfect but not, things are better.

camilledg, lookbook, hyba, noir

I’m wearing:

Clothes – Hyba

Photos – Vikki Snyder

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