Ahhhh couples and relationships! What a bazaar… It’s not easy finding a person who suits us perfectly. It’s even more difficult to find someone honest, on the same wavelength as you, kind, and attractive. Mind you, such people do exist so please, please don’t get discouraged!

One day your “prince” or “princess” will come.

The Right Guy (or Gal) isn’t easy to find. Our definition of “right” is very subjective and truth be told, lately Bad Boys have been hogging the spotlight. Unfortunately. Let’s just admit that your Bad Boy’s charisma, sexual prowess and entertainment value aren’t the criteria upon which to build a relationship, let alone start a family. That’s why you need to rid yourself of the idea that your Bad Boy is perfect, cuz he’s not! He might seem terrific at first but trust me when I say that The Right Guy is amazeballs.

The Right Guy will do so much for you that it’ll blow your mind. There will be a time when you come to realize that what really matters in life is love, time, and family. The Right Guy can deliver all that and more!

1- He’ll teach you stuff that’s worth knowing

2- He’ll respect you

3- He’ll tell you you’re pretty before he says you’re sexy

4- He’ll introduce you to his friends

5- He’ll snuggle with you

6- He’ll be interested in your life and the things you say

7- You’ll have intelligent conversations with him

8- He’ll kiss you tenderly

9- He’ll make time to see you

10- He’ll want to introduce you to his parents

11- He’ll put his mobile phone aside when he’s with you

12- He’ll listen to you

I’m sure you could add a whole slew of reasons why you’re better off dating The Right Guy rather than a Bad Boy. The Right Guy’s smile is infinitely more attractive because it comes from the heart. What’s truly sexy in a man is his intelligence and the manner in which he treats women. There’s nothing complicated about it, just follow your gut. As for me, well, I’m not the least bit interested in a man whose life revolves around himself, the gym, women, and cars.

P.S. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll find The Right Guy who’s perfect for you and he’ll play a few tunes on his guitar to help you fall asleep at night. Then you’ll know that you’ve found the ultimate perfect guy… for you, of course!

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